My Top Recommendations

My All time, Most Favorite, Top Recommendations

My Favorite Author: Jane Austen (full disclosure: I wrote my MA thesis on Austen)

My Favorite Novel: Northanger Abbey (xoxo) (this changes from time to time)

My Top 3 Series:

1.  Knitting in the City by Penny Reid (sXe)

2.  Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley (sXe)

3.  The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn (sXe)

I know these are my favorites because I have re-read them countless times. I tend not to re-read novels, so this is the highest recommendation I can give and it’s what usually marks a book a 5 for me. You’ll find that I very rarely rate novels a 5. As a side note, my links are to Amazon but I do not get any money from you buying them from the link. In fact, you’ll often find that I don’t buy the books, I read them through Kindle Unlimited. Feel free to find the book from other sites, especially if you like paperback copies. Some of those used books are great deals! I also highly recommend going old school and borrowing them from the library. That’s how I read the Rock Chick series. It wasn’t until after I read them all that I started buying them to support the author and so I could read them anytime I wanted. Libraries have gone high-tech and you can often borrow ebooks without having to leave your home. To me it’s better than OnDemand–nothing trumps a good book except maybe a good hug.

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