The basics of this blog

This blog is primarily dedicated to romance novels. I review books that are both stand alone novels that are not a part of a series and romance series, with special attention to series. I read the entire series and will only review novels in a series that are good enough to mention. They range in adult content from zero (Jane Austen) to xxx (Jennifer Ashley). I categorize the adult content from zero (xoxo), some sex (sXe) to erotica (XXX). Also, I rank each book from 1-5 in terms of recommendation level. 1=don’t bother, 2=I had major issues with it but saw some good things in it, 3=I enjoyed it, 4=I like it a lot and would recommend it, 5=one of my all time favorites that you HAVE to read. I do not finish books if they stink–I no longer believe in self-torture. Odds are, if the books have made it to this blog, then they are written well enough for me to have finished it.

You’ll also notice a new section of the blog called “Outside the Romance Genre.” I read a lot of books and while MOST of them are romance, I enjoy non-fiction, historical, comedy and general fiction. If you’d like a chance of pace, navigate over to that tab to see what I’ve recently read. I will still give it an overall rating, but it won’t have an adult content rating since that won’t be applicable for many of the books. Since the books will range in genre, it will be a gamble as to what kind of book you’ll get. You may not be interested in the parenting book I’ve recently read, but you may enjoy my review of Helen Thorpe’s book. So if you like to roll the dice, head over to that section and see what surprises await.

I do not make any money from this blog. Occasionally I will get a free book in exchange for an honest review. When that happens I will note it at the beginning of the blog post. If you are an author, publisher, or work in promotions and would like me to review a book, please feel free to email me. I try my best to be impartial and offer my honest opinion.


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