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A Must Read Series by Sarina Bowen

True North Series by Sarina Bowen

Contemporary Romance








(books are listed in order)


Overall Rating: 4.5 (sXe)

Quick & Dirty summary: This series of books is about two families in Vermont who are intertwined. Each novel is a standalone with a HEA. Fireworks is the most recent book in the series, releasing on November 13, 2018. I’ve read the entire series and so the rating above is for all 6 books in the series.

I started reading the series when I received the first book for free from a newsletter. Then I found them at my local library and read as many as I could. I think I read each book in a day, because I couldn’t put them down! Each of the books touches on a sensitive topic. Stereotypes, addiction, sexual identity, religion, the list goes on and on. These are not simple, superficial romance books! They are the kind of books that rip your heart out in the best possible way.


My favorite book of the series so far is Keepsake. The characters are just so beautiful and vulnerable. I cried! Oh, how I cried when I read this book! Note: This book deals with a lot of heavy issues, so if there are certain topics that trigger you, please read the synopsis closely. All the books have deep issues, so please be careful!


I enjoyed Fireworks a lot too. It has this element of suspense that I really like. I enjoy mysteries and suspense, so this was a nice nod to those genres. It’s not a true mystery, so don’t come back here and be mad at me or anything. Benito is amazing as a hero. I mean, I can’t really ask for more from a hero. He’s strong, confident, and 100% interested in Skye. She is his whole world, and that always makes me swoon. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, this one made me cry too.

Is it worth buying? ($3.99 on average on Kindle)

Yes, buy them if you can afford them. If you can’t, borrow them from the library, or a friend, or something. This is a stellar series that I will absolutely keep reading! The first book is currently free, so snap that one up!

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