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A Fascinating Take on Vampires

I have been reading a ton, but have been avoiding my computer which means not a lot of book reviews. So I decided to share what I think about one of the books I’ve read recently, Enduring Bond by Christa Paige, by filming a short video review.

You can find the review on the blog’s Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/loveserially). Click here for a shortcut.

In summary, it’s a great book with a strong heroine, a fascinating new take on vampires and main characters who don’t speak English as their first language. All interesting layers to an exciting book.


Lord of the Vampires by Gena Showalter

Royal House of Shadows Series

Paranormal Romance

Lord of the Vampires (book 1) by Gena Showalter

If you’d like to watch a short video of my review of Lord of the Vampires, you can visit Love Serially Book Blog Facebook page by clicking on the blue link. It’s 1 minute & 40 seconds long, so I’m talking about just the highlights.

Lord of the Vampires

Overall Rating: 3.5 (sXe)

Quick & Dirty summary: Nicolai the Vampire is heir to a throne that has been stolen. Not only the throne, but his memory and even his very body has been lost. Instead, Nicolai is a slave to the perverted desires of a pair of sisters. He calls to one who will save him—a woman from the human world. Jane Parker has faced enormous loss and pain, so when she sees Nicolai in her dreams, she feels for him. But when Jane suddenly awakes in another world, she’s not sure she can believe in her feelings for Nicolai.

This is classic Gena Showalter and she doesn’t disappoint. The entire book reminds me a bit of her Lord of the Underworld series, especially because Nicolai has enormous strength, but is bound by magic. Jane is a scientist and so she approaches the world with a bit of skepticism, but also a lot of courage. Another quintessential Showalter hero and heroine couple.

I’ve read some of the reviews of the book, and I think you should ignore most of the negative reviews. Whoever wrote them didn’t read the book closely enough because the discrepancies they talk about are answered in the book. You’ll notice that even while I write that, I didn’t give this book a 5 star rating. And that’s because, while it’s a fun book to read, the love between Jane and Nicolai moves rather fast. It skips a lot of the tender bits to give us a lot of action and adventure, which is great, but can feel abrupt.

Since this is a four book series, the overarching conflict in the novel is not resolved, so be forewarned. You’ll need to read the other three books to see how that particular storyline finishes. I plan on reading them, and am a little bit of the way into the second book. You can check back on this blog later for updates on what I thought about books 2-4. It’s also good to note that each of the books in this series is written by a different author. I’ve read books by Showalter and Nalini Singh, but I haven’t read books by Jessica Anderson or Jill Monroe, so I’m curious to see each writer’s take on the characters and conflict.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $3.99)

I borrowed the book from the library and I highly recommend doing that. I was able to find all four books as an ebook bundle from my library, in addition to the paperback copy. If you’re a big fan of Gena Showalter, I don’t think this book disappoints so it might be worth buying.

Something else you might enjoy:

I love Kristen Callihan’s Darkest London Series. It also puts a unique twist on vampires and other paranormal characters. The last book in the series is my favorite.

Get to Know the Vampire Girl

Vampire Girl Series by Karpov Kinrade

Young Adult/Paranormal Romance


Vampire Girl

Vampire Girl 2: Midnight Star

Vampire Girl 3: Silver Flame

Vampire Girl 4: Moonlight Prince


These books are not standalones and must be read in order.

Vampire Girl

Overall Rating: 4.5 (XOXO)

Quick & Dirty summary: Arianna Spiro is just another girl when she walks to work on the night of her 18th birthday. But nothing in her life will ever be the same once she returns home to find her mother dead. Arianna will do everything in her power to save the people she loves the most, but when she finds that vampires are real, she’s not sure how much she can really do to save herself let alone anyone else.

These books are wonderfully written. From the very first page I was transformed into another place, following Arianna around on her birthday. Karpov Kinrade (KK), a married couple who have put their last names together, do a wonderful job of describing the characters and scenery enough to pain a vivid picture without slowing down the narrative. I love the dialogue and Arianna is an awesome heroine.

This is a love story, but what I love about so many young adult novels is the love they portray goes beyond the romantic. It’s about love of family, love of friends, and love of yourself. Yes, of course there is romance. I enjoyed reading about Arianna’s relationship (I won’t give it away since you aren’t really certain until further along in the story), but Arianna’s love for her friends and family play a major role in this novel.

In order for that to effectively happen, the secondary characters have to be strong and multidimensional and KK do that beautifully. This is the kind of book where you have more than one favorite character because there are so many good ones to choose from. And this is not a story of simple human beings (or vampires). Instead, each character makes choices based on a whole series of complex factors. While there is a “bad” guy, most of the characters have redeeming qualities. This adds a bit of mystery and suspense to the series, but also gives the books great depth.

I could not wait to read each book in this series! They are enthralling!


Is it worth buying? (Kindle $13.96 for all four books)

Now you guys know that I am not one to advocate buying a $14 ebook. I highly recommend checking to see if your library has this series since it’s one you don’t want to miss. And I also highly recommend buying it, if a $14 ebook is in your wheelhouse (it’s just not in mine). If you’re wondering how I got to read these books, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that they are FREE on Kindle Unlimited! I’m finding it is paying off more and more to have KU.

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Try one of the first series I reviewed on this blog, the Witching Savannah Series by J.D. Horn. You can read my review of the series here, but it’s similar in that it’s PG rated and full of paranormal love.

Entoxicated by the Serpent’s Kiss

Elder Races by Thea Harrison

Paranormal Romance

Serpent’s Kiss (Book 3)

Overall Rating: 5 (sXe)

Book Cover of Serpent's KissQuick & Dirty summary: Carling is one of the oldest vampires in the world, and yet, strangely and paradoxically, she is dying. Wyr Sentinel Rune visits the Queen of the Vampires in order to fulfill a promise she demanded of him. While there he is shocked by Carling’s acceptance of her fate, prompting the Wry to fight on her behalf. As a Gryphon formed during the formation of the world, he is a creature of paradox and in-between spaces. Rune may be one of the few in the world who can help Carling discover the cure to her immortal disease.

Carling and Rune are one of the best couples I’ve read about. I love them together. They both break stereotypes, completely comfortable in their age, power, and temperaments. To read about two beings who don’t have issues to work through, but rather obstacles to overcome, was refreshing. The chemistry between them was explosive, making for some exciting sex scenes. But more than that, the way they fall in love was beautiful.

The time travel/bending aspect of the novel was really what won me over a thousand percent. The idea that otherlands would also allow for othertimes was an interesting thought experiment that I enjoyed. That this was the solution to Thea Harrison’s problem of how a Wry who makes for life could trust a vampire known for surviving at all costs enough to fall in love was brilliant. And the love that develops between the two of them is so sweet and deep, I am jealous. I wish for that kind of love.

It prompted Rune to offer a type of love vow to Carling: “I will never leave you. I will never let you go. I will never let you fall, or fail. I will always come for you if you leave, always find you if you’re lost. Always.” For a being who can travel through time, always means so much more. And for her to return his vows throughout the rest of the novel is euphoric in its celebration of love. Of course, I can’t forget that even Carling’s name becomes more important, its meaning fuller, as the novel and their love progresses. It’s just perfection!

As a side note: I hate this book cover. The novel is so much better than this cover and if I had judged the book by its cover I never would have picked it up. Sorry to be so judgmental, but that’s one of the benefits of reading ebooks. It prevents me from doing that.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $7.99)

Yes, yes, yes! I love this book so much that I would gladly pay eight dollars for it. I really want to get an autographed copy of this one, so I might just have to go buy the paperback and hope to meet Ms Harrison in person.

Something else you might enjoy:

While I don’t really care for time travel books, I am fascinated by the idea of multiple worlds existing at the same time and the way that possibility would necessitate a shift in our understanding of time. The Witching Savannah series has this component. It doesn’t have any sex in it, but the three book series is AWESOME. I highly recommend it and you can read my review of the series here.