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Downloadable Bookmarks!

Paige at Books and Belle and Penny at Pebblepen put together a great blog tour where you can download a printable bookmark with the blog’s top 4 book recommendations in a particular category. Another blog had already covered the romance genre by the time I joined, so I thought I’d tackle classics, since I am a member of a classic lit book club in real life. Here are my top 4 book recommendations on a beautiful bookmark Penny designed.

Classic Lit bookmark

Be sure to visit the other blogs on this tour to see their recommendations and download their bookmarks. It’s totally free and fun to see what other’s recommend!

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Here’s a hint at what you’ll find:

printable bookmarks all


To Borrow or to Buy?

I’m a big advocate of borrowing books. Whether they are book books or ebooks, recycling and saving money is the name of the game. But sometimes, after I’ve begun reading a book and start highlighting and making notes and comments, I begin to realize that maybe it would have been better to buy it outright. And it’s so hard to know when to buy a printed copy of the book and when to buy an ebook. I have this dilemma with buying cds too.

I am guessing, but for some people, printed books aren’t even an option anymore. Who has the room to store all of those books? Am I right? But the thing is, I love holding a book. I like writing comments in the margins and underlying great phrases or sentences. And I am a visual learner. So often a passage that stays with me is one that I can visualize how it looks on the page, on the left or right side, x number of pages in. I can’t do that with ebooks and my only recourse is to take the time to highlight the passage.

Also, I have this little thing called an autograph book collection. I love meeting authors, going to book signings, and hearing authors read their works. I am lucky enough to have gone to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books for years, building up my collection that way. And while I have bought a few books that were already autographed, it feels like cheating! But knowing when I’m going to meet an author, if ever, makes it difficult to know if I should purchase the book, or continue my frugal habits of borrowing from the library.

So, how do you know when to borrow a book or to buy it? And when is it better to buy a printed copy or an ebook?

As a side note: let’s support our public libraries. Even if you don’t borrow books or read print editions anymore, surely the public good that libraries provide is worth the good will of a simple donation of time and/or money. And of course, if you DO buy book books, libraries have those awesome book sales where you can get books for fifty cents. Libraries are a beautiful thing.