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Enjoyable Confessions

Wingmen Series by Daisy Prescott

Contemporary Romance


The Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat (Book 2)


I did not read book 1, so this book can be read as a standalone, as I did. But, like all series, it’s probably more enjoyable if you read them in order.


Overall Rating: 3.5 (sXe)

Quick & Dirty summary: Tom Donnelly doesn’t mind his tom cat reputation. He may live on an island, but most of the women he sleeps with know that he’s not the dating, and certainly not the marrying kind. So when his sister’s best friend returns home and propositions him for a one night stand, he doesn’t mind obliging her, even if it goes against his admittedly loose morals. Hailey King has known Tom for most of her life, and although she’s a few years younger, she’s heard the rumors. Hailey knows Tom’s position on love and relationships, and she isn’t about to let anyone play her the fool.

This is a quick-paced love story that follows a somewhat typical storyline for “reluctant romance.” I had never heard of that term until someone else used it in an author group I follow on Facebook. It makes sense because there are so so many of these kinds of romance novels. Guy doesn’t believe in love until one day, the right woman comes along and it isn’t until he almost looses her that he realizes how much he loves her. I don’t think I’m giving anything away by writing that because Daisy Prescott puts her on spin on it.

Tom does have a few emotional depths that are challenged in the novel, and Hailey faces her own trials that reveal her character. There are some funny parts, although that’s not the first word that comes to mind when I think of this book. Instead, I think of it as an easy read that does it’s job of taking you away from the cares of your life.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $4.98)

To me, 5 bucks is a lot of money for an ebook, so I’d say borrow it from the library or from a friend. I think I won this copy on a Facebook giveaway, which I’ve discussed in a previous post. You can read about Facebook “parties” here. But it’s definitely worth a read if you can get your hands on a copy.

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Try His Lucky Charm by Frankie Love. I read it recently and really enjoyed it, plus it’s set in Ireland. You can read my review here.


Release Boost for His Lucky Charm

Title: His Lucky Charm
Author: Frankie Love
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Release Date: March 9, 2017


“Clover is my pot of gold and I want to be her rainbow.”

People call me The Lucky Irishman.

Things always seem to go my way.
After a night of drinking with my brother, we make a bet. A bet that favors me.
He doesn’t seem to think I can stay with one woman for an entire week.
Just because I never have, doesn’t mean I can’t.
We raise the stakes. If I win, I get the land he owns in the Wicklow Mountains.
And that land is all I’ve ever wanted.

Until Clover walks into my life.

She’s here in Ireland chasing rainbows, trying to turn her luck around.
It doesn’t take long to see that this girl isn’t the end of me—she’s the beginning.
But while I have the luck of the Irish, Clover doesn’t. And getting her to open up to me is no easy task.
When she finds out the real reason I brought her to my place in the woods I know she’s going to run.
I need to find the rainbow she’s chasing before my luck runs out.

Dear Reader,

It’s your lucky day! This Irish mountain man is the complete package. Emphasis on package. This is a filthy-sweet romp in the woods that will have you looking for leprechauns and rainbows. Get ready, baby cakes, you’re about to get shamrocked.
xo, frankie
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Author Bio

Frankie Love writes sexy stories about bad boys and mountain men.

❤Get ready to fall in love … you deserve it!❤
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Would Love to Be His Lucky Charm

An Irish Mountain Man Novel by Frankie Love

Contemporary Romance

I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

His Lucky Charm


Overall Rating: 4 (sXe)

Quick & Dirty summary: Conor has the luck of the Irish and he should know since he’s made it his business. With his touring company, Conor has always gotten lucky with the American tourists who stay after the tour. When his brother and best friend bet that he can’t keep a girl for longer than a week, he knows he’s got the bet in the bag. And when Clover is picked as the woman he must woo, Conor thanks his lucky star. Clover, on the other hand, has the worst luck. After being cheated on, kicked out, and fired, she’s come to Ireland for a new outlook on life. But when the symbol of her new life philosophy, the rainbow, escapes her for three weeks, she’s ready to throw in the towel. But Clover’s luck looks like its turned around when she meets the Lucky Irishman.

I think Clover and Conor may be one of my favorite couples. They complement each other so nicely that I can’t help but love them. Where Clover is uptight, Conor is laidback. Where Conor is charming, Clover is snarky. The dialogue and chemistry between the two of them is amazing, and the sex scenes are pretty steamy.

More than that, though, I love the honesty both Conor and Clover approach each other with. This novel is short and sweet and avoids unnecessary drama. And as corny as Clover’s name is with the Irish theme of the book, I kind of love it!

This is a simple, straightforward romance that will make you want to vacation in Ireland. The writing is so vivid that I can almost hear Conor’s sexy accent in my ear. This book will give you a warm, snuggly feeling in your heart and make you feel like you’ve just seen a rainbow yourself.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle ?)

Yes! In fact, this is the first Frankie Love novel I’ve read and I will definitely be reading more, since most of her books are FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Something else you might enjoy:

I haven’t read too many books set in Ireland. The Rugby Series by Penny Reid and L.H. Cosway come to mind, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with luck. So, do you have any book suggestions that will make me fall in love with an Irishman?