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Spotless Novella

Spotless Series by Camilla Monk

Romantic Suspense


Apache Strike Force (book 4.5)


I received this book for free because I’m on Camilla Monk’s newsletter list. While you’ve missed your chance at this special gift, you can sign up for Camilla’s newsletter here for future news and surprises. This novella is NOT a standalone and needs to be read in order. To read my review of books 1-4 in this series, click here.

Apache Strike Force

Overall Rating: 4 (sXe)

Quick & Dirty summary: Island and March are trying to settle into their relationship without the threat of death looming over them. Well, at least they were until Island’s dad shows up. There’s nothing quite like an overprotective father to kill any romance.

This little novella is a piece of heaven. Sure, book 4 ended happily, or at least, alive-ly for March and Island. But the ending was rather abrupt, making this novella necessary to my world. March is still March, and Island is still Island, but who they are together gets stronger and clearer throughout this short story.

One of the best things about this book is that we finally, FINALLY, get a better picture of Island’s dad. He is always there in the background, this amazingly flawed guy who anyone would just love as a dad, but we don’t really get a full sense of his personality until now. And it’s worth the wait folks! I laughed, I giggled, I rolled my eyes, and I sighed in commiseration with Island. This is a feel-good gem after all of the highs and lows of the series.

And here’s the #1 best thing about this novella. We are told that there’s a book 5! Yes, a book 5! So get your tinfoil hats on folks, because I’ll be reading Island Chaptal and the Ancient Aliens’ Treasure when it’s released on Dec. 12, 2017.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $0.99)

If you’ve read all of the books in this series so far, then this book is a MUST!

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There isn’t anything like this book because it’s a novella attached to the end(ish) of a great series. So obviously, the only thing left to do is read book 5 of the Spotless Series, once it’s out.