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The Spotless Series

Spotless Series by Camilla Monk

Action & Adventure/Romantic Suspense


Spotless (Book 1)

Beating Ruby (Book 2)

Crystal Whisperer (Book 3)

Butterfly in Amber (Book 4)


This series is actually a 5 book series, but the primary arch of the story is resolved in book 4.


Overall Rating: 4 (xoxo)

Quick & Dirty summary: Island Chaptal is an ordinary, modern woman: an impressive IT Engineer by day, a romance bookworm by night. She’s surprised when she comes home one night to find a man standing in her living room organizing her tax returns. So begins Island’s adventures into the underworld and overworld of assassins, mercenaries, and CIA agents.

This series is wonderfully plotted. Each book is marvelous in its own right, although I enjoyed Book 2 the most. There is a murder mystery at the beginning of Beating Ruby, a lot of travel, but more importantly, a love triangle that is not drawn out but resolved with great integrity to the characters we’ve learned to love.

I will be honest and say that I didn’t like Island very much in Book 4. She is, in many ways, a completely different character at the beginning of Butterfly in Amber. She comes back to herself in this weird flash that was kind of unsettling to me. But in the end, I love the novel. There are so many surprises and twists. The whole series is like that, but Book 4, especially, has some great turns.

I cannot wait for the last book in the series! I love these characters and I love this author!

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $2.99 each, books 1-3 & $3.99 book 4; approximately $13 total)

Normally I’d never read a series of books that costs $13 for one storyline. But these books feel like watching James Bond movies or something similar. Honestly though, I didn’t pay that much money. The first three books I read for free on Kindle Unlimited and then I paid to read book 4. In all likelihood, I’ll be buying book 5 as well.

Something else you might enjoy:

Try Agnes & the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie. It’s a bit more romantic comedy than action, but the hero is a hitman, so there’s a bit of crossover there. The added bonus is this is a standalone novel.


Back from the Cliff

Hawaiian Heartbreak by Libby Cole

Contemporary Romance


This is the second of a three book series. This is not a standalone novel and you should read Hawaiian Heartbreak before beginning Hawaiian Healing. You can find a review of the first book here on my blog. I highly recommend not reading this review if you haven’t finished Hawaiian Heartbreak as spoilers are inevitable. I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.



Hawaiian Healing (Book 2)


Overall Rating: 4 (sXe)



Quick & Dirty summary: Kayla wanted to heal in Hawaii after she discovered boyfriend cheated on her, but getting involved with Jay the tour guide seemed to increase her heartache. Why did Jay have to become so serious? And why does he seem to avoid personal questions? As Kayla tries to enjoy her time on the Big Island before the end of her tropical vacation, she can’t help but wish Jay were with her. But she also isn’t sure she’s ready to commit to something more when her return trip to New Zealand is already scheduled.

While the novel once again seemed well paced and full of steamy sex scenes, what I enjoyed the most about Hawaiian Healing was how the scenery came into sharper focus. Kayla and Jay have some exciting adventures and I wish I could have gone along with them. Libby Cole does a wonderful job describing snorkeling and zip lining and it really made me appreciate the location of the novel. It makes sense that Jay and Kayla fall in love amongst such natural beauty.

Although I wasn’t surprised by the “twist” at the end, I am really happy with the direction of story line is taking. Kayla and Jay’s response to the stressors of their relationship seem natural and there’s not a lot of undue angst, which is important to me. They are young adults and the whole hot/cold thing can only last so long before it gets annoying. Cole understands this and moves the story along.

I am really looking forward to the concluding novel of this series. The sex scenes are super hot and Jay and Kayla are really cute together. They are facing some pretty big unknowns, but they seem ready to take on the world. I am looking forward to their adventure and their happily ever after.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $2.99)

Yes, this book is totally worth buying, especially since we know the last book is on its way and is reasonably priced as well.

Something else you might enjoy:

Jumping into romance while on vacation seems to be a popular theme in the romance genre. If you’d like a slightly more serious take on it, with abusive husbands and secret security mission, you might enjoy Kristen Ashley’s Heaven and Hell. A review of this stand-alone novel can be found here on my blog.