McGavin Brothers Book 10

The McGavin Brothers Series by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Contemporary Romance/Western

I received a free copy of this book and decided to tell you how I honestly feel about it. You can read my reviews of the rest of the series by clicking this link.


A Cowboy’s Challenge (Book 10)

Overall Rating: 3.5 (sXe)

McGavin Brothers Book 10

Quick & Dirty summary: Wes Sawyer is happy living above a bakery. As a single guy with a busy new business, it’s the best of all possible circumstances. It helps that Wes is also happy to see Ingrid, his sister’s best friend. Ingrid is pretty and fun to talk, and she feels great sitting behind Wes on a horse. But Ingrid has some baggage and she’s not sure if she’s ready for a guy like Wes to sweep her off her feet.

The plot line for this novel is pretty conventional. There isn’t anything surprising about this book or the way the characters develop through different events. The unique aspect of this book within the series was the way sex was incorporated throughout the book. The intimate parts were definitely ramped up, but it makes sense within the context of the story-it’s not really sex just for the sake of it.

Once again, I love Vicki Lewis Thompson’s hero. Wes is a hardworking guy who isn’t afraid to make big statements. He takes after his father on that one (you can read his dad’s book by reading A Cowboy’s Charm). Ingrid is interesting, but not my favorite heroine. Her character seemed flighty and less consistent than in previous books.

Regardless, this is an enjoyable book to read. It’s quick, light-hearted and a great read while camping or driving around for a summer vacation.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $0.99)

This is a well-written book and at just under a dollar, is a great buy!

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You should read the previous books in the series. It will make this book more enjoyable.


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