2017 Book Challenge: A Book with Pictures

The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher


Synopsis: Inspired by her old, forgotten journal, Fisher recollects her time filming¬†Star Wars. More specifically, her diary is filled with pages of her 19 year-old self trying to figure out what her affair with and older, married man means, if anything. She also touches upon getting cast as Leia, how she dealt with “instant” fame, growing up in a Hollywood family, and the fans.

When I put my name on a super long waiting list for the book from the library, I didn’t know that this was the official confirmation of Fisher and Ford’s on-set affair. I’m a Star Wars fan, Fisher had died a couple of months before, I found her funny, and I knew she was a successful screen writer. I figured there was little to no chance that I wouldn’t enjoy this. However, I didn’t care about the affair and found myself enjoying the anecdotes about every other topic discussed. I think I’ll have to check out her other books in search of the fan girl “rush” I was looking for. Oh yeah, the pictures were great!

 Animate Me by Ruth Clampett

Synopsis: Shy animator Nathan knows exactly what he wants. He enjoys his job, he works on his comic books on the side, and he is in love with Brooke. The only problem is Brooke has no idea he exists. When Brooke suddenly realizes they work at the same animation studio, Nathan knows this is his chance to create the life he’s always envisioned for himself. But Brooke’s boyfriend isn’t going to let Nathan sweep his girlfriend off his feet.

This is a really sweet, funny, and surprisingly sexy romance novel. I met Ruth at an author signing event. In fact, I was recommended her book by Penny Reid, another author I love. Penny is great at recommending books and this one is no exception. The cartoons interspersed throughout the book are very sweet and add a lot to the storyline. I’m always a sucker for nerdy heroes and heroines, so this book is right up my alley. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited if you think it’s something you’d enjoy.


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