Enjoyable Short Tale of the Longest Fall

Title: The Longest Fall
Series: Whisper Lake #1
Author: Anna Argent
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 15, 2017


Daisy Grace fell in love with her best friend’s brother before she was old enough to wear a bra. But Mark barely noticed she was alive. She held out hope for years until he set his sights on the older, more glamorous Janey, Daisy knew Mark would never see her as anything more than a friend. He was taken. Forever.
Years later, after
Janey’s tragic death, Daisy is once again forced to face the only man who has
ever made her heart pound.
All Mark wants is to
be left alone to grieve in peace. For nearly two years, he’s lived in
isolation, punishing himself for what happened to his fiancée. When Daisy comes
to convince him to attend his baby sister’s wedding, his life of quiet grieving
is shattered. Daisy makes him feel things he has no business feeling, but no
matter how hard he tries, he can’t convince the force of nature that is Daisy
Grace to leave him alone.
Daisy refuses to give
up on him. If she can’t lift Mark out of the dark place he’s made for himself,
the man she’s been falling in love with forever will be too far gone to save.
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Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
After spending years working in corporate America as an
engineer, Anna traded it all in for a quiet life in the country. She lives with
her husband on a small cattle ranch in the Ozark Mountains, penning stories
filled with love, lust and a healthy dose of magic. She loves to hear from her
readers at anna@annaargent.com.
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I was given a complementary copy of the book. I decided to review it after I found that I liked the book.

The Longest Fall (book 1)

Longest Fall

Overall Rating: 3.5 (sXe)

Quick & Dirty summary: Daisy Grace has had in love with her best friend’s brother since she was little, but Mark never noticed her. When Mark started dating Daisy’s friend Janey, she put her school-girl crush aside to be happy for her friend. When Janey dies in a freak accident, Mark slips into a depression that no one can touch, not even his family. But Daisy is determined to reach Mark, no matter what it takes, even if it means loosing her heart again.

This is a short, sweet read. Daisy and Mark are honest, relatively-drama free people who are in an extreme situation. Mark is paralyzed with guilt over Janey’s death and he can’t move forward. Daisy wants to see her friend happy, even if that means he moves on from Janey with someone else. So the emotion from each character seems honest and authentic.

I don’t want to give anything away, and since it’s a short book, there’s not a lot for me to say that wouldn’t spoil it in some way. But I found Mark to be sweet and Daisy to be strong and courageous. Plus, I love that Daisy in an electrician. I love a woman who knows her way around tools.

My only negative is that since this is the first book in a new series, there isn’t enough interaction with secondary characters to make the next books interesting. I’m not invested in Daisy’s brothers or cousins, so I’m not anxious for the next book to be released. The flip side of that, though, is this reads as a complete standalone. If you never read another book in the series, you’ll still finish this one satisfied.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $2.99)

This book is a little over a hundred pages, so I’m not sure I’d recommend buying it at $3. But, if you had Kindle Unlimited it’s free, so I’d recommend picking it up then. If you don’t have KU, check your local library for a sweet read.

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Another childhood crush to lovers book is Truth or Beard by Penny Reid. It’s the first book in her Winston Brother’s series, and since she’s set to release the fourth book in the series on August 01, 2017, you might as well start reading now so you’ll be caught up by release date. It’s a great, funny, smart read. You can read more about what I think about Truth or Beard here.


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