Mixed Review on Wingmen Inc.

Wingmen Inc. Series by Rachel Van Dyken

New Adult


The Matchmaker’s Playbook


Overall Rating: 3 (sXe)

Quick & Dirty Summary: Ian Hunter knows the dating playbook better than any man out there. He can predict with startling accuracy what a girl needs to do to get a guy’s attention. Between his expertise and his best friend’s computer genius, he’s started a profitable company in Wingmen Inc. When Blake Olson hires Ian, he knows it will be an uphill battle. What he wasn’t expecting, however, is the increasing need to violate every rule in his playbook to get Blake to be his girlfriend.

I love the idea of this book and this series. There is something so interesting about an attractive man who wants to help women find a guy who is worthy of them. Ian’s mission is to increase a woman’s self-esteem and expectations to have a guy who will actually appreciate her, rather than settling for some shmuck.

This book is written entirely from Ian’s perspective so we never really know what Blake is thinking and perhaps its because of that, Blake is a flat character to me. She is uninteresting, unrealistic, and inconsistent. I don’t know many virgins who are have never been kissed, but can impress a guy like Ian Hunter. I also don’t know many virgins who dress like a guy, but are totally confidant naked. She just doesn’t make any sense to me.

That being said, Rachel Van Dyken gave both lead characters some pretty interesting back-stories. Ian used to play in the NFL until an injury killed his career. Blake has faced personal family tragedy, which explains a few of her quirks. And Lex and Gabi’s story sounds pretty interesting, because the lead up to it in this book is pretty obvious but also pretty interesting.

There are certainly great moments in this book, but the end fell flat for me. The climax of the novel never really resolves itself for me, at least not for me to think back on the book and the storyline that fondly. And that makes me sad because, as I said earlier, this seems like a great idea for a series. In the end, I’m not sure I’ll read the second book and after loving Van Dyken’s Seaside Pictures series that’s disappointing. But it’s still a solidly written novel with an interesting idea and worth a read if you’re looking for some light fun.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $2)

It was a struggle for me to finish this book, so I can’t say it’s worth buying. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited, which is how I read it.

Something else you might enjoy:

The Deal by Elle Kennedy has a similar storyline in that the girl is using the guy to help her get someone else’s attention. I love this book and highly recommend the Off-Campus series. The Deal is book 1 in the series so it’s a great place to start. You can read my review of the book here.

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