Mile High Author Event

October 17, 2016

Denver, CO

Mile High Author Event hosted by Black Heart Productions and Jay Crownover

My friend and fellow blogger, Cyndi, was quick to introduce me to the joys of living in Colorado by taking me to this awesome event to meet approximately 50 romance authors including Jay Crownover, Joanna Wylde, and Alice Clayton. Unfortunately with the recent chaos in my life I hadn’t prepared as much as I would have liked so my plan was to follow Cyndi around and find some new authors to read. I was blown away by how amazingly NICE authors and readers are–such a great community!

Far and away my favorite author, based on personality alone, is Anne Eliot. She writes young adult and you can find her books here:  She is wildly funny and an encouraging person in general. I got quite a few books for my 16 year old sister to enjoy at Christmas this year (I always get her books), so Ashley, don’t read this post or your gift won’t be a surprise. I can’t wait to read the novels myself for as the followers of this blog know, I enjoy a good young adult novel myself.


Anne Eliot and myself


Anne was the instigator of this set of shenanigans, so you can tell her personality really sparkles! In the picture, from left to right is: Kim Holden, Anne Eliot, Ginger Scott, and Christine.


The game was, “guess who the real pregnant lady is…” All of the balloons were suppose to light up, but I guess Anne’s was the only one who listened.

Speaking of sparkling personalities, I loved meeting Meghan Quinn. I had never read her books prior to this event, but I am currently in the middle of her The Virgin Romance Novelist, primarily because Meghan is so funny in person I knew her book had to be good. I mean, who else gives away boob pens? Yes, pens with a nipple/boob on them! You can find her books by following this link:  And since I got a food poisoning while in Denver (I know! Could my luck get any worse?!), I need a funny pick-me-up while I recover. As an aside, Anne and Cyndi make a great emergency team when Uber-ing sick pregnant women around Denver.

If I could make Meghan Quinn my BFF, I would. Unfortunately her child is a little too young to play with my kids, but perhaps when my 2016 arrival shows up, I can set up a play date? Infants like to play together, right?! These two ladies pictured with me below are the kind of moms I so desperately need, since I caught them looking at videos of their kiddo during a lull. Women after my own heart!


If you need a dose of real life romance, check out this hunk-a-hunk of burning love. This is Rachel Van Dyken’s husband of 8 years who so graciously agreed to be surrounded by 800+ women when Rachel couldn’t make the event. I picked up two books by Rachel, so you can expect to see reviews sometime in the future, but I had to post a picture of the World’s Second Best Husband (sorry, my husband always gets first place). You can find books by Rachel here:


Also, look at this super cute book cover of the married couple. They look like supermodels, so it makes sense they’d grace the cover of one of Rachel’s book. But doesn’t real life love look beautiful? I had to bring this book home with me.


The book that I am most looking forward to is Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci. It has crazy good reviews and Cyndi read an advanced copy and vouched for it. You can read Cyndi’s review of the book by clicking here. I can’t wait to crack this baby open! Here is the link to Roman Crazy:  And if you haven’t read the Wallbanger series by Alice Clayton you should! I know I’ve recommended it in a previous review, but I read the series before I started the blog, so I don’t have a summary here for you to read. You can find the books here:

Here I am with Nina Bocci and Alice Clayton


Other books I picked up along the way include:

ROCK by JA Hass. I read her Rook and Ronin series and loved it so I am looking forward to this romantic suspense. You can read my review of Rook and Ronin here.

Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino. A gift for my BFF.

Evil by Tijan. I read Sustain right before the event and will post a review in the next day or two to follow up this post, but Evil is a paranormal while Sustain is a contemporary, so I’m excited about the change of pace. I had Tijan autograph a copy of Sustain so I can give it away with my review when it’s live, so sign up for my blog so you can be notified when it’s up, or follow me on Twitter @loveserially for a chance to win.

Reapers and Bastards by Joanna Wylde. A future prize for a reader of this blog!

When We Collide and A Stone in the Sea by A.L. Jackson. Another future prize for a reader of this blog.

Authors I plan to find and read include:

Ginger Scott, Kim Holden, Lisa Renee Jones, Jennie Marts, Tish Thawer, and Rebecca Yarrow have all been added to my TBR list. If you’ve read books by them and want to recommend one to start with, please share!!

Ginger Scott especially made my night with how awesome she is as a person. And I loved talking to Kim Holden too. When authors are sweetness in person, it makes their books so much better. Regardless of what genre you read, I hope you, fellow readers, take the time to meet authors you love in person. Sometimes it’s a let down, but most of the time, it makes the books mean something so much more.

Thank you Black Heart Reviews and Jay Crownover for a great time!




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