Cedar Ridge Series Continues

Cedar Ridge Series by Jill Shalvis

Contemporary Romance


Second Chance Summer (book 1)

My Kind of Wonderful (book 2)

Nobody But You (book 3)

cedar ridge

Overall Rating: 4 (sXe)


Quick & Dirty summary: The Cedar Ridge Series follows the Kincaid family as they each fall in love. The first book follows Aiden and you can read my book review here.

The second book, My Kind of Wonderful, centers on Hudson Kincaid as he tries to balance all of his responsibilities. With his mother needing constant medical care and the resort facing a balloon payment, Hud hasn’t had a chance to sleep in forever. When he meets Bailey Moore at the top of the most dangerous ski run, he falls hard and fast for the delicate beauty. But Bailey isn’t interested in romance, she’s interested in living life to the fullest.

In Nobody But You, Hudson’s long-lost twin, Army Special Forces office Jacob Kincaid, finally comes home. He’s mourning the loss of his friend and brother-in-arms in a small lake cabin, but an illegal houseboat keeps showing up on his dock. It wouldn’t be a big deal if sexy Sophie Marren who is hurt and vulnerable didn’t occupy the houseboat. Jacob can’t resist Sophie’s beauty, her brains, or her kindness, but that’s if Sophie doesn’t run away before he can show her how appealing he finds her.

These two novels, as with the first one, the pacing was a little frustrating. Some parts were amazing, but other parts seemed to drag on. There also seemed to be a bit of unnecessary drama, which made me roll my eyes a bit. I did not enjoy Hudson as a character, but I loved Bailey. And Sophie’s flightiness drove me crazy while Jacob seemed the perfect combination of strong and vulnerable. So there are characters to like in each of the books, but what all of the books have in common is that each character is well developed. Love them or hate them they are fully formed and add dimension to each story. The writing is strong in terms of dialogue and description. Jill Shalvis takes her time in setting up the characters, the places, and the primary conflicts.

In the end, I much preferred Nobody But You. I was surprised at one or two turns the plot took and I loved Jacob. I had fewer problems with pacing in this one and while Sophie was annoying, her character was complex enough to make me sympathetic to her and her issues. I love that Shalvis writes competent women, even if I don’t want them to be my BFFs, and I especially loved Bailey. She has so much courage she really made up for Hudson in my mind. Both of the books have inspiring themes and I think that’s worth a lot.

The best part of the series is that the Kincaid family is so enjoyable to follow. They have distinctive personalities that remain consistent throughout the novels and so it’s fun to continue to see them as the books continue. I am looking forward to the last book, the most, because as the only sister in the group, Kenna is going to blow everyone else out of the water. There have been hits, but you know the saying about still waters…

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $7.99/book)

I would love to say yes, but $8 for a kindle book is beyond me. Instead, I’d say borrow it from the library. They are fun to read and I definitely recommend reading them, but I wouldn’t buy them. In fact, I didn’t buy them—my grandma bought them after I gave her a copy of Second Chance Summer. So there’s another opinion for you—my grandmother likes them enough to buy them!



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