The Best Kind of Interference

The Pilots Hockey Series by Sophia Henry

Contemporary Romance/New Adult

I received an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review. This title is scheduled to be released June 7, 2016. Delayed Penalty, the first novel in the series, has been reviewed on this blog, which you can find here. The third book in the series is Power Play, and while I have not written a review, I enjoyed it. The fourth book in the series, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, is slated to be released October 18, 2016.


Interference (Book 3)


Overall Rating: 3.5 (xoxo)

Quick & Dirty summary: Jason Taylor wants to be a Detroit police officer and he has a five year plan to accomplish that goal via small town Bridgeland. He’s surprised when he meets the sister of one of his hockey players gets in his face about pulling him from the game. He’s even more surprised when she eventually agrees to a date. Linden Meadows would do anything for her family, and she’s proven herself over and over again. Rather than having an abortion, 16-year-old Linden keeps her baby, finishes high school, and is on track to graduate from college. While life with a now three year old isn’t easy, Indie isn’t afraid of fighting for the life she wants. What she will need to do is teach Jason that holding onto anger from the past doesn’t help much in building a future.

Once again Sophia Henry has crafted a sweet novel about family values, this time tackling issues like abortion, adoption, and teenage pregnancy. Jason is such a sweetheart and Indie is a spunky young woman who knows what she wants from life. Henry has done a wonderful job of flushing out some of the secondary characters. Holden is a cutie and Indie’s brother Damien is mature, but immature at the same time, just the way a teenage boy is in real life. The story moves along quickly, with some realistic conflicts. Although there is one obvious loose end left at the close of the novel, the epilogue is sweet and I feel satisfied with the happily ever after.

I had two problems that marred my reading of this novel. The first happened early on when the two interactions between Jason and Indie are mostly negative. Indie seems to have a big chip on her shoulder due to her own difficult past, so the jump from getting upset that Jason is touching her to accepting a date with him in the span of one meeting seems abrupt to me. I think there needs to be a few more positive moments in the two interactions to make the transition to accepting a date smoother.

The second problem I had was with some of the repetition. Indie feels a lot of guilt from all of the help she’s had from her family. This is completely understandable and I think a few well placed internal dialogues makes sense, but there were too many for me. By the last one about 80 percent through the novel I was over it.

These are minor issues, though, since they are a matter of taste. The writing is strong, the characters are believable, and the story moves along nicely. I liked the other books in the series and this is a nice addition, especially since we get to see a bit more of Auden. Hockey isn’t much of a focus in this book, since Jason is a police officer, but it does answer a few questions about Auden and Jason’s mother.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $2.99)

Yes. It’s sweet and it’s fun.

Something else you might enjoy:

If you’d like an older version of this storyline, try Kristen Ashley’s Hold On. It’s a part of the ‘Burg Series, but it’s a standalone. The primary thing to know is that this has book has explicit scenes, but Merry is a police officer and Cheryl is a single mom with a hard life so you can see why I’d recommend it. Here’s my review of the entire ‘Burg series!


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