MIA Update

Hello Book Friends,

You may have wondered if this blog is dead. You may have wondered if I am dead. After all, it’s been over three weeks since my last book review, which is the equivalent of three blogger years, give or take a month. Here is the good news:

  1. I am not dead. Sometimes I feel like I am dead, or maybe just in purgatory, because I am pregnant with baby #3. The first trimester of a pregnancy is difficult for me so I was waiting out the most intense period of morning sickness.
  2. This blog is not dead. While I may have felt sick for days on end, I still read. I would literally have to be dead not to read (not just looking like death warmed over). Thankfully my kindle stayed away from the toilet and no books were hurt in the making of this baby.
  3. I will be reviewing more books and book series. I have a few books that are coming up for me, such as: Jill Shalvis Cedar Ridge Series (you can read my review of the first book in the series here, the reviews of books 2 and 3 are up next), Shelly Alexander’s It’s in His Smile (the 4th book of the Red River Valley series), and Grin and Beard It by one of my favorite authors Penny Reid (the second book in the Winston Brothers series, you can read my review of the first book here).

If you don’t follow me on twitter (@loveserially), you should! I tweet much more than I review, primarily because I don’t like blog posts clogging up my inbox so I only publish two or three reviews a week (I believe in karma and the golden rule and all that jazz). You’d also know that we are in the midst of a move! Luckily our home is now firmly in escrow so the frantic cleaning and fixing is over. Now the frantic packing and cleaning can begin.

You all know that life is a bumpy ride. As a result, this blog will reflect its ups and downs. I hope you hang in there with me because I’ll be reading some great books along the way.



2 thoughts on “MIA Update

  1. Good to hear you are not dead and life is blooming inside you, no matter how messy the outer manifestations! I am amazed with all that is going on, you are still able to put so many descriptive words together! Keep reading, carry on!

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