A Life of Bounty is a Life of Love

The Colorado Mountain Series by Kristen Ashley

Contemporary Romance


Bounty (Book 7)


Overall Rating: 4.5 (sXe)


Quick & Dirty summary: Justice Lonesome comes from a long line of singer-songwriters. Her soul speaks in poetry and her heart sings a melody. Having a life full of bounty has not made Justice jaded or unappreciative, but it has made her lonely. She is on a quest to live a life of more, through a world of less. Her support network will need to be there as she struggles through the loss of a loved one, and the betrayal of a family member. Deke Hightower has lived the life of less, having grown up in an exact opposite environment than Justice. Deke may be interested in a relationship, having seen his friends fall in love, but he isn’t interested in being kept by a woman. With Deke’s negative experiences with rich women, he isn’t interested in getting to know Justice, but when life throws them together he can’t help but notice the beauty of Justice inside and out. As the two fall in love, Deke will be challenged to keep Justice safe, both body and heart.

I love Justice’s appreciate for life and her value system. She knows all of the things that money can’t buy and she’s honest about money’s limitations. I’ve read some other reviews where people did not appreciate her “poet’s soul.” I can understand that, since it’s kind of an obnoxious saying, but I think it’s genuinely true. There are people who have to write, sing, paint, draw, dance, create and if Justice is modeled after Kristen Ashley’s own personality, then it’s fun to learn a little more about the author. Justice is absolutely the kind of person I’d like to know in real life, so it’s no surprise I was completely invested in her story.

There are a few narrative turns that have appeared in other Kristen Ashley novels that make the storyline a bit predictable. The final crisis at the end has been seen in the Rock Chick series. The initial crisis that pushes the two of them together is also seen in almost every single one of her books. While that may be tiring for some, it’s typical of alpha hero storylines in general. I can understand getting tired of it, but for me, it’s still a fun read. The characters are such beautiful people that I can ignore some of the similarities to appreciate the joy of a heartfelt novel. You can read my review of the first six books in the series here.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $3.99)

I love that Kristen Ashley’s books are always the same price. They are almost always worth it (I just have a few exceptions) and I think this is another book I will probably re-read sometime soon. It’s definitely worth buying!

Something else you might enjoy:

If you’d like to try a historical romance, then you might like His Every Kiss by Laura Lee Guhrke. Dylan is a famous composer with a tormented soul. When he finds he has a daughter he hires Grace to be her governess. This novel is only loosely similar, but I enjoyed it. It is much more the tortured artist, rather than Justice’s celebration of life, so be prepared for that difference.

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