Best Buy of the Year!

Seattle Wolf Pack by Kristin Miller

Paranormal Romance


I received this advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review. This new box set is scheduled to be released on April 25, 2016.


Seattle Wolf Pack Box Set

Gone with the Wolf (Drake and Emelia)

Four Weddings and a Werewolf (Logan and Veronica)

So I Married a Werewolf (Carter and Faith)


Overall Rating: 4 (sXe)

It’s hard to tell which is my favorite of the three novels. All three of the novels are awesome. Each one is full of steamy sex and love that will last centuries. Ultimately, I think Carter and Faith were the most developed of all of the characters and so their story really resonated with me. There were still parts that tore at me about Carter and Faith’s story though. Faith’s feelings are hurt over and over again, and while she is a strong woman, I’m not sure I could have overcome my feelings as “easily” as Faith. But that’s probably why she’s named Faith, which I love.

My favorite leading male is probably Logan. He is such a strong wolf and I have a clear sense of what his issues are with relationships. Veronica is a bit of a twit, but I love Kristin Miller’s description of her—she’s beautiful, but you have to look at her because she’s understated. There are so many women like that in real life and it’s always nice when they’re noticed. The actual story is fast-paced. There is always something going on, which makes sense because this is more of a romantic suspense than So I Married a Werewolf, which has no suspense. It’s a really quick read in that sense, and there’s tons of steamy sex.

I had the most problems with Gone with the Wolf. The characters are developed, but the way the dialogue is written and formatted, it’s difficult to always tell who is speaking. In fact, one of my biggest pet peeves about reading ebooks is formatting issues. So often there aren’t line spaces where there needs to be, and line breaks at random intervals. This makes it difficult for character development because when I don’t know who is saying what, I can’t get a sense of their chemistry and their thought processes. Emelia is written as a free-spirited character, but there aren’t a lot of scenes where I get to see her in that vein. Drake is much more successfully portrayed as a cold, analytical businessman, especially because there are so many scenes where he makes the wrong decisions based on those characteristics.

The best thing about this is that you can read all three books one after another like I did. There are time gaps between each of the books, so you can track Emelia and Drake’s family over years, as well as Logan and Veronica. Each of the couples makes cameo appearances in So I Married a Werewolf. Miller has added some nice additions to the werewolf trope that I really love too. That they become stronger and live longer with their luminary is awesome (and true in real life to a certain extent). I love that each couple realizes who their luminary is at different times—this allows each plotline to develop along different lines. It’s nice that each novel is unique and doesn’t fall into the same tired storylines.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $0.99)

Here is the big news folks! You can get this amazing box set for less than a dollar! Is that the deal of the year? YES! It’s a no-brainer. You should get this one.

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