Unexpectedly Sexy Small Town Romance

Wardham Series by Zoe York

Contemporary Romance


Where Their Hearts Collide: Sexy Small Town Romance (Wardham Book 2)

Overall Rating: 3.5 (sXe)


Quick & Dirty summary: Karen really needed to talk to her new neighbor, but she has a sinking suspicion that he’s a jerk. Her impression marginally improves when she sees how hot the newest constable of Wardham is—that is until his comments indicate he is not on the market for a relationship. Karen is just beginning to figure out that what she wants in life may not be the easiest thing, especially since starting a new career at 34 is a little daunting, but she can’t help but be hurt that Paul isn’t interested.

I am not afraid to admit that what I like best about this book is how hot the sex scenes are—unexpectedly hot! The chemistry between Karen and Paul is off the charts and it really drives the relationship and the novel. The book is only 224 pages, so things happen relatively quickly, but the pacing felt a bit off because so much time is spent on whether or not they’d move past just sex to a relationship.

For me, the character development isn’t quite there for Karen and Paul. Karen is a bit more believable for me because there’s a bit more discussion about her past and her anxieties about the future, but it isn’t so clear for me with Paul. I got a sense of what was driving Paul to move, but his concerns about his past relationships are never really explained. If there had been a little more time spent on Paul’s past, it would have balanced out the book (and their relationship) nicely.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $2.99)

I actually picked this book up for free. It’s no longer free, but if you check in with the other series books, you’ll probably find at least one for free. For example, I check on April 04 and found the first book in the series for free so I picked that up (you can expect a review of that when I get around to reading it). Really though, this is a good buy: lots of steamy scenes with a relatively quick pace.

Something else you might enjoy:

If you like second chance romances, then you should definitely read Games of the Heart by Kristen Ashley. It’s the fourth book in her series called The ‘Burg, but it’s a standalone. It’s also about a cop with kids, so the parallels are there, but the character development is out of this world! I love Mike Haines and would probably jump his bones should he exist in real life. If you’d like to get a sense of the whole series, I have a review up on this blog which you can find here.


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