Welcome to Forever

A Hero’s Welcome Novel by Annie Rains

Contemporary Romance


Welcome to Forever


Overall Rating: 3.5 (sXe)

Quick & Dirty summary: Kat Chandler is one of the youngest principals in North Carolina and she takes her job seriously because the faith her fiancé had in her before he died overseas. Micah Peterson takes his job seriously, not his job as a Sargent Major in the Marine Corps, but his job as a father to his special needs son Ben. As a single father Ben is Micah’s world and he is so focused on creating a stable life for his son that he doesn’t have time for his attraction to Ben’s new principal Kat. But Kat’s revolutionary Friendship Club draws both Ben and Micah into her view of the world.

What I loved most is Kat’s worldview. She really believes in the potential of all children and that’s a beautiful thing. Micah’s devotion to Ben is also beautiful and the story reinforces the idea that children have lessons to teach adults. The actual love story between Kat and Micah seemed uneven in it’s pacing. Sometimes it went very slowly and other times it zoomed ahead.

Kat’s emotional issues also seemed uneven to me. It is repeated over and over again that she needs to move on, that it’s been two years, but her support system—her family and friends—seemed a little removed from her in regards to this issue. They might say a word or two here and there, but it seemed odd to me that no one gave her the space to have a conversation where she remembered and celebrated her fiancé.

All that being said, Ben’s struggles really resonated with me. His concern for his mother, his protectiveness over the person teasing him, and his optimism is sweet to read. He is one of the best characters of the novel.

Overall this is an uplifting and positive novel. I wish there were more books like this because we all need stories that give us hope in the face of sorrow and adversity. I love Annie Rains for this and I look forward to reading more from her.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $2.99)

Yes, I like it and think the positive outlook of the novel outweighs the minor negatives that I’ve written about here.

Something else you might enjoy:

This is a unique storyline in that Micah is determined to leave the service in order to provide stability for his son. So this time, I want you to suggest a novel that I might like. It could be about veterans, active duty service men and women, principals, children with disabilities, or second chance romances. Whatever you think might intersect with some aspect of this novel.


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