Funny Puck

The PUCKED Series by Helena Hunting

Contemporary Romance


The PUCKED series is currently a three book series. Each novel is a standalone. I will review them in order, but since I have other books I have to review, I won’t be able to do so here at this time. So come back later to read more, because I promise you, I’m going to read the second book.


PUCKED (Book 1)


Overall Rating: 4 (sXe)


Quick & Dirty summary:

Violet Hall is familiar with hot hockey players. Her stepbrother is in the NHL and her stepfather is a well-known scout. Violet also has personal experience with the sexscapades of manwhore players so she has no interest in making that same mistake twice. But when she discovers that team captain Alex Waters knows literary references and use multisyllabic words, she can’t resist. However, problems arise when Alex has a difficult time using his brain when it comes to his career off the ice, hurting the only woman he has ever loved.

This book, no joke, is laugh-out-loud, LOL funny. While some of it was a little cheesy, I loved every second of it. I can’t say that the novel was all that deep, but it was well-written, entertaining and hot. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love it when authors complicate a well-known stereotype. In this case, it’s that athletes are all dumb jocks who want to get as much ass as they can. Alex doesn’t fall into that category at all, and I love him as a character.

I liked Violet too, but what I appreciated about her wasn’t so much her character, but how Helena depicted a woman who was in charge of her own organisms. I think Violet had some of the best lines of the books too, because she said the most outrageous things. It’s interesting, though, that Helena Hunting had Violet masturbating to a picture/pictures. Personally, pictures don’t really get me going—steamy romance novels do—but again, I loved that she complicated the idea that women aren’t as “visual.” Man, I think that assumption is lame, even if it’s a little true for me.

I am really looking forward to reading the second book in the series. It’s hard to imagine how Hunting is going to portray Buck “the beast” as the hero of his own book. I think Hunting is totally up to the challenge and I think it’s going to be funny as all get out.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $3.99)

For me, $3.99 is a little expensive. I mean, it has to be a pretty good book for me to say buy it. But I thought this book was funny enough and entertaining enough that I definitely think you should by it!

Something else you might enjoy:

If you like steamy hockey players, try the Heller Brothers series by Kelly Jamieson. It’s more steamy than Pucked, but it’s not as funny, so it’s kind of a trade off. But I enjoyed the whole series a lot, and you can read my review of it here.

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