More Love for the Elder Races

The Elder Races by Thea Harrison

Paranormal Romance


As I was going through my really rough week, I was lucky enough to get the next few books in the Elder Races series. I read them one after another and I loved them all.


Lord’s Fall (Book 5)

Kinked (Book 6)

Night’s Honor (Book 7)

Midnight’s Kiss (Book 8)


Overall Rating: 4.5 (XXX)


Of these four books, Kinked is the one that stands out the most, primarily because I was a little disturbed by the intense nature of the novel. I need to clarify that of these books, the only one that is kind of sweet is Night’s Honor, primarily because Xavier is an old school gentleman. As in previous novels, there is tons of action and suspense as each of the characters face an enemy.

As with all of Harrison’s books, these are well written with very vivid characters. Lord’s Fall returns to Pia and Dragos, as they split up to take care of Wyr business. Pia visits the Elves to help repair political and economic relations, while Dragos must oversee the Sentinel games. When the poo hits the fan, Dragos and Pia must scramble to help the Elves overcome great evil. This was an exciting book with very unexpected turns. It was classic paranormal romance with lots to enjoy.

Kinked addresses the animosity between Aryal and Quentin as it boils over and forces Dragos to send the pair on a mission that will either bring them together or force them out of their Sentinel positions. As Aryal and Quentin travel to the supposedly deserted Numenlaur they push each other’s boundaries until they cannot tell where one ends and the other begins. This novel is startling in its violence and sexuality. It’s very surprising, even as a person who has read BDSM novels, because the emotion is so intense. More than any other “kinky” book, I thought this story demonstrated the fierceness of our basic desires and revealed the animal nature of sex. It was beautiful and memorable. I loved it, despite my initial reservation.

A human and a vampire come together in Night’s Honor, as Tess is on the run from her former employer. When she catches the eye of Xavier, she has little understanding of what working for him will entail. As the two of them fall in love, Tess must face her past and come to terms with a future with a vampire. I love how different this novel is from the rest of the series. It doesn’t have some of the same plot devices as other novels where humans and vampires fall in love. It feels different from the rest of the series, and for that reason alone, I’d like it, but it’s also a sweet book with loveable characters.

In a second-chance at love book, Midnight’s Kiss focuses on Julian, the Nightkind King and his former girlfriend Melisande. After being kidnapped by Julian’s enemy, Melisande is surprised at how much Julian is willing to give up to save her. Since Julian is convinced that Melly doesn’t have a trustworthy bone in her body, he surprises himself at his willingness to forgive her as they fight for their lives. What makes this novel special is the action and adventure. This had to be the most suspenseful novel of the four books in this review. It also makes Julian a much more sympathetic character than in previous novels and we get to see a little more of Tess and Xavier, which is fun.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $7.99 each)

All of the books in this series are the same price and with nine books in the series it can get pretty expensive. But now that I’ve enjoyed so many of them, I have changed my mind. These books are great, and the series just keeps getting better. They aren’t tired or the same—each one is unique and that’s pretty difficult to do. So yes.

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