Los Angeles Literary Affair 2016

Los Angeles Literary Affair

January 29, 2016

Andaz Hotel


I was so excited when I heard Penny Reid was coming to Los Angeles. She is one of my favorite authors and I love her quirky humor. I knew she would be my BFF in real life, if only I had the change to meet her. Unfortunately for me, by the time I found out about it, it was almost sold out!! Luckily, I got a couple of last minute tickets so I could attend with a friend who also loves romance novels. To say I wasn’t going to miss it for the world is an understatement. Even though I’ve been struggling with some depression, this event was awesome.


Location: The event was held in West Hollywood at the Andaz Hotel. It looks like a little boutique hotel on the Sunset strip. West Hollywood is not my normal hangout, so this place looked swanky to me. Indeed, the bar was filled with men in suites who didn’t seem to blink at the $100 bottles of wine, and that didn’t even include the rooftop bar that had bottle service!

I thought it was an odd setting, though, for a bunch of romance fans. Most of the women were dressed casually in slacks and funny, literary t-shirts. This was at odds with the swanky exterior, but maybe I was the only one feeling out of place.


Adriane Leigh – CD Reiss – Christina Lauren – CJ Roberts – E.K. Blair – Helena Hunting – Karina Halle – Kathryn Perez – Kim Holden – Mary Elizabeth – Monica Murphy – M. Robinson – Penny Reid – Rachel Van Dyken – Raine Miller – Renee Carlino – Ruth Clampett – Stylo Fantome – T.M. Frazier – Tillie Cole


With all of these authors in attendance I was completely overwhelmed. I really only went to see Penny and while I had read books by some of the other authors, I couldn’t keep them all straight. This was also my first event where there were multiple authors, so I had no idea what to expect. There were so many women squeezed into a small room, not to mention each woman seemed to be carting 50 books with them in those black wheeled boxes which meant there was no where to turn. This meant I was a complete mess. Thankfully Penny pointed me in a few directions and I bought some books I had never read before and any night that ends with new books is a good night.

Adriane Leigh was very nice. She is pretty outgoing, so it was nice to hear about her books from her own perspective. I bought the Blindsight series and the Wild series. You can look forward to reviews of those books later.

CD Reiss seemed nice enough, although I was sad her POS app wasn’t working, so I couldn’t buy her books. I was (finally) willing to fork over $40 for the complete Submission series, since it would be signed, but I was foiled by technology.

I had read a few Helena Hunting books, so I was hoping to meet her, but every time I turned around, I was hemmed in by her ridiculous long line. It was so long, I went down to the hotel bar to hang out with my friend, coming back about 45 minutes before the event was scheduled to end, hoping it would have thinned out and that wasn’t the case at all. After standing still in line for 20 minutes, I gave up. Sorry Helena. If you read this, know that I enjoy your books. You can read my review of the Library Principal here.

A new author I hadn’t heard of before but enjoyed meeting a lot was Ruth Clampett. Penny told me to try her book Animate Me, so I went to take a look. Ruth is such a sweetie and the premise of her novel is super sweet. If you’ve read any of my book reviews you know I’m a sucker for a geeky main character. Plus, Ruth brought her beautiful daughter with her and shared with me the story of her father, the animator.

I also met Renee Carlino because Penny recommended her latest book, Before We Were Strangers. I haven’t read it yet, but I bought it to try it out. Renee is a beautiful woman and her assistant (I’m sorry I’ve forgotten her name!) was so friendly (also beautiful). It was the end of the night, so I think we were all tired, but I look forward to reading the book.

Last, but certainly not least, Penny Reid, or “The Falconer” as she is also known, is everything I have dreamed of and more. She’s like my fantasy of a BFF that has been shaped by her Knitting in the City series come to life. I already had her books autographed from the Ninja store, so I had an awesome bag for her to sign. She was so much fun to talk to the first time, that I swung back around as the event was ending to chat more. She’s ridiculous smart, very funny, and has the best smile I’ve ever seen.



Sorry ladies and gentlemen. If you are into swag, the only thing I picked up was a Penny Reid. Which, just a hint, is a really good pen, so if you meet Penny in person, ask her for one! But otherwise I kind of ignored all of that stuff. The books were my main focus and I was a little miffed that I could not get close enough to the tables to look through the books. I guess I understand that most people who attend have brought books with them, but it would have been nice if there had been more opportunity to meet NEW authors and find NEW books to love. That, to me, is the best part of going to author events. After all, I love to fall in love.


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