A Book that Should Have Been Named Sylvie

The Unfinished Heroes Series by Kristen Ashley

Contemporary Romance


The Unfinished Heroes Series is a series about anti-heroes; or, more accurately, heroes who don’t know that they are heroes to someone/anyone. There is a lot of dark stuff in this series, chief amongst it all is unconventional sex. Because of that, all of the books have an XXX rating from me, although they vary in intensity. Currently all of the books are on sale ($1.99 instead of $3.99) in anticipation of the fifth and final book, Sebring, being released January 11. I am reviewing the books in order so the stories can be fresh in our minds when Nick’s is available. If you haven’t picked up these books, now is a great time to do so!


Creed (Book 2)


Overall Rating: 4 (XXX)

Quick & Dirty summary: Sylvie Bissennette is a Badass with a capital B. A private investigator who also protects women of the knight 😉 Sylvie kicks ass and takes names, but she never lets anyone close to the pain she carries around inside of her. She can count on one hand the number of people who know her story, and when the man at the center of her past comes back like a ghost, Sylvie knows it will take everything she’s got not to break down. Tucker Creed thought he left Sylvie behind so she could have a better life. Working with her on a case, he realizes that she’s a shell of who she used to be and he’s determined to figure out why she didn’t life the beautiful life he almost died to secure. But Creed knows he’s got his hands full, because Sylvie’s protective shell is thick with sharp edges, and both he and she could get cut to pieces trying to break it down.

This story gutted me! Absolutely gutted me. It made me so sad and angry and sad again. But, it also made me want for myself the kind of love Creed and Sylvie have. It is so beautiful, so enduring, and so accepting. It’s the kind of love that you know will never end, because it will grow and change with you no matter how you grow and change.

I think, in essence, this novel is about investigating what love is—how it can change from the kind a love between two lonely, scared children to the love of young adults who dream of a new life together to the love of two adults who have been scared by life. It’s also about the love parents feel for a child, with Charlene being this kind of patron saint of mothers. And it’s about the love you feel to friends who have supported you at times in your life when you thought you’d never feel love again. This novel just overflows with love.

The only drawback to this novel is the ending—it’s a little anticlimactic. The central problem of the novel that draws Sylvie and Creed together is solved with very little muss, and the final shootout in a warehouse is over quickly. But, like all Kristen Ashley novels, the epilogue is amazing and that last line is worth reading every one of the 360 pages.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle sale $1.99, regular $3.99)

Yes, absolutely. I bought this book at full price and I would do it again.

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Read the rest of the series. Period. The end.


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