Delayed Penalty is a Great First Novel

Pilots Hockey by Sophia Henry

New Adult


Delayed Penalty


Overall Rating: 4 (xoxo)


Quick & Dirty summary: Auden Berezin is home from college and after losing her soccer scholarship, she’s determined to work hard and save up money for tuition. When her grandfather’s friend sets up a job translating, Auden is excited until she realizes she will be translating for the guy who struck out hitting on her at a bar. Aleksandr Varenkov isn’t quite the player that his initial impression gave Auden, but Auden isn’t so sure she can trust him. She’s lost almost everything she’s wanted in life and she’s not sure she wants to bet on a man who has an unlimited supply of puck bunnies. Alek understands loss, but he isn’t afraid to push any advantage Auden may give him, because he knows her heart is too important to lose.

What I loved most about this novel was the Russian culture and language alongside the hockey. Sophia Henry clearly spent some time either researching or growing up watching hockey. Auden’s Russian grandparents are great. Although there is family drama, the issues were believable to me and I understood Auden’s hesitation in getting involved in a relationship. I loved Aleksandr too. He is just a solid guy and I can see the attraction there. I also enjoyed that Alek is in the minor league, as that seems realistic to me also. Most of the hockey novels I have read have the hero as a major league player and in this case, the relationship starts at the beginning of Alek’s U.S. career.

This is Henry’s first novel and while I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it at the beginning, the rough start smoothes out quickly. The epilogue was a little disappointing to me, not in terms of what happened, but I wanted it to be set further in the future. I am looking forward to the second novel of the series, Interference, which is set to be released in May 2016. Maybe there will be some added insights to satisfy my curiosity.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $2.99)

Yes, I enjoyed the novel and by the end of it, I was in love with Auden and Alek as a couple.

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3 thoughts on “Delayed Penalty is a Great First Novel

  1. Thank you so much for reading and for your review!! I truly appreciate it. And you won’t have to wait until May for book 2. Power Play, which is Landon Taylor’s story, is out in February. 🙂 Interference is book 3. YAY!! Thank you again!!


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