Playing a Player Never Works

Playing a Player by Ivy Smoak

Contemporary Romance


Playing a Player


Overall Rating: 3 (sXe)


Quick & Dirty summary: Keira needs to find a roommate and fast. Her rent is due, her old roommate just got married, and she’s the last single girl standing. When Rory shows up, and is a dude, she makes a desperate decision despite her attraction to him. Rory decided a long time ago that he didn’t do relationships, so he makes sure that he and Keira agree not to ruin their roommate agreement with sex. But when Keira decides she has to have Rory, can she discover her inner vixen? And once she has him, will she be content with just one night?

For some reason, Keira is kind of a neurotic, insecure woman who seems a little desperate. I lead with that, because it’s the primary reason the novel is rated 3. The whole plot is driven by Keira’s desire to be with Rory, when Rory is really only a jerk to her. I never understand novels like this, so I’m probably not a good judge of it since there’s little the author can do to make them better.

I spent most of the novel confused. Connor was great and Keira seemed to have some chemistry with him, but she goes after Rory anyway. Her attempts to get Rory made me cringe and roll my eyes. Come on, did she really think she was fooling anyone? And I’m not sure that Rory ever develops from a jerk into someone a self-confident woman would want to date.

All that being said, and I know it’s a lot and I apologize, it was a fun read. The story is well written, there are some pretty funny moments, and Keira is adorable in some ways. The sex scenes are hot, and I would be interested in reading Connor’s story, to see what’s going on there. If the story line had truly bothered me, I would have stopped reading, and I didn’t. I finished the book pretty quickly, and I did so having a good time.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $0.99)

Yes, while some parts of it annoyed me, it’s still a fun read for less than a dollar. Plus, if you have Amazon Unlimited, it’s free.

Something else you might enjoy:

While they aren’t roommates in Wallbanger, the hero and heroine are next-door neighbors, so she’s well aware of his sexual habits. I loved this book. It has a young feel, just like Playing a Player, with the added bonus of a lot of humor, a self-confident heroine, and the beautiful city of San Francisco as the backdrop.


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