Hot Hockey Players

Heller Brothers Hockey by Kelly Jamieson

Contemporary Romance


Series Rating: 3.5 (XXX)


A five book series, I read this in one go thanks to the box set on Amazon. Each can be read independently, with the exception of Hat Trick and Offside (the last two books) due to spoilers. But if you love hockey, love romance, love hot sex, and love reading about a strong family bond, then these books are for you!



Overall these books are lots of fun to read. The sex gets steamier in some books, Faceoff with Tag was pretty intense, than others, but they are all pretty hot. And of course, the hockey is a nice component too, especially since it’s hockey season right now. Probably the best part of these novels though, is they are all different. The brothers have different characteristics, their leading ladies are all unique, and they don’t have the same hang-ups so each story line is unique. While I rolled my eyes at some of the conflict, and stopped and started them a few times, it’s worth hanging in there because they are really entertaining. They are also quick reads so they are perfect for the beach, an afternoon by a cozy fire, or sitting on the train commuting from work. Here’s a quick line up of the books:

Book cover for Breakaway

Breakaway (Jase): 3

Jason Heller is surprised when Remi approaches him at a club, but since they both know it’s one night, he is happy to go along with her plan. Remi is finally finished raising her siblings and wants to embrace her freedom, but she’s shocked with Jase walks back into her life and into her classroom. With Jase’s hangups about teachers and Remi’s obligations to her family, the two are shocked by how their powerful connection can help them break away from their obstacles.

This was my least favorite of the novels, primarily because I hate the way the novel ended. It still had it’s happily ever after, but it doesn’t become completely resolved until Hat Trick. I also found this couple to be the least convincing of all the pairs. But I still had tons of fun reading it!


Faceoff (Tag): 3.5

Kayla has been tagging along with the Heller brothers all her life. As her family and theirs have been close since before she was born, Kayla has always wanted to be a part of the gang. But as the only girl it was difficult, especially since hockey isn’t really her thing. But when Tag’s team returns home, Kayla and Tag have a difficult time seeing each other as just friends. Over a long week at the lake, the two give into temptation, but with the pressures of their job and their families, the two aren’t sure they are in it for the long haul.

This was the novel I actually started and then stopped for a while because of Kayla’s work problems. I had a hard time dealing with Kayla’s issues, primarily because Jamieson doesn’t really resolve the work/life balance problem. Still, Tag and Kayla are super cute together, and once I dove back into the novel, I was really glad I stuck with it.

Book cover for One Man Advantage

One Man Advantage (Logan): 4

Nicole Lambert is hockey royalty, but she’s not immune to ex-boyfriends who mouth off. Unfortunately her ex-boyfriend is also a hockey player, so when he mouths off it is to a room full of reporters. When Nicole returns from a week’s vacation spent hiding from the media, she’s shocked at the fierce attraction she feels for newly acquired Logan Heller. Logan fulfills her in a way she had always been searching for, but she’s not interested in dating another hockey player, especially not a Caribou player, the team she works for and on which her ex-boyfriend plays. Work and romance never mix and Nicole’s determined not to make the same mistake twice.

I loved this novel primarily because Logan saw something special in Nicole and went after her. Nicole annoyed me to no end, but I was willing to put up with her for a good story and a hot guy. Logan is super sexy and is probably the most shocking of all the brothers when it comes to the bedroom.


Hat Trick: 3.5

All the Heller brothers return home for Christmas, but the big news of the season is Jase and his baby momma drama. Remi wants to have kids, but she and Jase aren’t even living together so kids seem a long way off. Meanwhile, Tag and Kayla have a big surprise, while Logan’s just interested in having Nicole feel like a part of the family. Things get a little uncomfortable for the three oldest Hellers as they try to tamp down on their alpha tendencies.

It was nice to get some resolution in the whole Jase drama, but the whole novel felt a little like an episode of Jerry Springer. Since I’ve never liked Jerry Springer, or even Ricki Lake for that matter, this wasn’t one of my favorites, but it is fun to see all the brothers interacting.


Offside (Matt): 4

Matt, as the youngest, finally gets his own book. Set years after Hat Trick, Matt is a full time NHL player for the California Condors. He’s shocked though, when his old flame Honey Holbrook walks into a meeting to discuss Matt’s volunteer work. As the newest team member of the Condor’s charitable foundation, Honey has a lot to prove. She’s trying to shed her bad-girl reputation and put her bachelor’s degree to good use, but will her co-workers, and Matt, hold her past against her forever?

This was probably the sweetest of the five books, which makes it easily one of my favorites. Matt and Honey try to deal with regrets and move forward, which I find very admirable and realistic. No one I know has led a perfect life, so it’s nice to read about a couple who admit their faults, try to change, and look towards the future. Plus, Matt and Honey are just awesome people so I was rooting for them the whole way through.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $7.88)

Five books for less than two bucks each? Heck yes! These books are hot, fun reads and are great to read all in one go.

Something else you might enjoy: I loved the college equivalent of this series in The Ivy Years by Sarina Bowen. I reviewed the first book in the series, which you can read here.

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