Loving Lev

Shot Callers Series by Belle Aurora

Contemporary Romance


Overall Rating: 4 (sXe)

Book Cover for Lev by Belle AuroraQuick & Dirty summary: Mina Harris is on the verge of dying. Her last chance at survival is in her hands, but when Lev Leokov catches her red-handed, she thinks her life is over. Lev surprises her though by offering her three choices: 1) let him call the cops; 2) take the money and run; 3) work for him. Mina thinks its her lucky day, but Lev knows he will do anything to keep the treasure that he’s found in Mina. He may not know what love is, but he knows when he finds a woman who makes him feel normal.

Lev was absolutely one of the sweetest heroes I’ve ever read/met. I am such a sucker for socially inept men and Lev has that nice combination of intellect and brute strength. Mina is pretty awesome too. The interactions between the two of them were super sweet. It was a little bit tiring three quarters of the way through the book because some of the plot lines fizzled out, but I loved the characters.

It seems like the other novels in the series will focus on the Leokov siblings and I am looking forward to them. The secondary characters are unique and I am invested in them. The characters seemed to be multi-dimensional with good traits and bad traits, and the story line revolving around Mina’s brother and family was really interesting. It got a little confusing because there were a ton of names introduced with differing family connections and I had a hard time keeping up, but it might be that fans of Belle Aurora’s won’t be confused since I have a feeling these characters come from other novels. I’ll have to go find out for myself first hand by reading more from Aurora.

The sex scenes weren’t as hot as I was expecting, primarily because they were great at the beginning, but like in any long-term relationship, they kind of fizzled out. So if you aren’t really interested in sex scenes, just get through the first two and you will be fine.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $3.99)

Yes! This is 400 pages of utter sweetness. I actually bought this myself, which if you read this blog regularly you know is somewhat unusual for me since I tend to borrow rather than buy. But it’s worth it!

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This is not a contemporary romance, but if you love awkward heroes who may not understand emotions, but know a good woman when they see one, then The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie is for you. I love love love this book!! It’s the first book in the Mackenzie series by Jennifer Ashley and it’s a great one.

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