I Fell in Love with Big Foot

Wild About You by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Paranormal Romance

Werewolf in the North Woods (Book 2)

Overall Rating: 4 (sXe)

This is a long running series for Vicki Lewis Thompson. The first book was published in 2011, and you can read my review of it here, but has since continued with the latest novel, Werewolf in Las Vegas, released in 2014. I first read this book when it originally came out and remembered loving it. I had forgotten this series, what with being in grad school and all, but wanted to get back to it as soon as I found out there were new books. I re-read it in order to write a fresh book review, but also so I could read the newer books with a clearer memory of the older ones. Expect to see the other books in the series reviewed as I find time to read them.

Book Cover for Werewolf in the North WoodsQuick & Dirty summary: Abby Maddox’s grandfather has always been an odd duck, but he nurtured Abby’s wild imagination and so Abby’s very protective of her grandfather. She’s happy when her grandfather realizes a lifelong dream of seeing Big Food, but is chagrined with NYU anthropologist Roark Wallace sets about debunking her grandfather’s story. Determined to protect her grandfather, while also get him to sell the Maddox land and move to Arizona with the rest of the family, Abby’s willing to go to extreme lengths to convince Roark to leave him alone, even blackmail. Roark can’t believe that Abby’s found out his secret, but he’s determined to keep her at arm’s length, because werewolves were never meant to mate with humans, no matter what his brother Aiden believes.

The humor continues from the first book in the series to this second one with Thompson’s trademark combination of cheeky characters and awful puns. Roark thinks to himself, “A Were needed a certain amount of privacy because sometimes, shift happened. Ha, ha.” That “Ha, ha” at the end is what gets me, as Thompson through Roark is totally aware of the ridiculousness but can’t seem to help it.

While some of the secondary characters in the novel were weird to me, ahem Gentry, having a pair of Big Foot beings in the novel was awesome! I love this imaginary world in which Big Foot mates for life, werewolves were bowties, and it’s possible to buy a $900,000 watch. Of course, some people in today’s world are able to buy that expensive of a watch, but since I’m not one of them, I am going to pretend that it’s an impossibility so I don’t feel bad. But really, that added component of cryptology to this book made me laugh and enjoy it all the more. I am looking forward to other characters that may appear in the next installment of the series.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $7.99)

My gut reaction is still to cringe at this price, but both the ebook and the paperback versions are sold at this price so considering that I think this is still a good investment. If you can find a used edition that can always save you money if you have the space for paperback, but I personally read these books from the library. One benefit of a wildly popular series is the library usually has the full series, although there is a delay when new books come out.

Something else you might enjoy:

I don’t think I have ever read a paranormal romance with Big Foot as one of the cast of characters. The closest I can think of is the wide variety of shifters in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Considering that series is 13 books long, it’s a bit of an investment, but I thought they were great!


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