Warning Hot, HOt, HOT

BANG or Heat by Joanna Blake

Also Bro’ and A Bad Boy for Summer


Overall Rating: 3.5 (XXX)

Book Cover of HeatQuick & Dirty summary: Trent Davis is the best male porn actor since Ron Jeremy but when he gets into a motorcycle accident he’s forced to chill out and dry out. When he meets Alexandra, his nurse, being wheeled out of the ambulance, he thinks he’s found an angel. And as Trent gets to know Lexi, he discovers he’s right. She’s everything he’s ever wanted. But after a youth spent in foster care, Trent has a hard time forgiving Lexi when she unintentionally hurts him.

According to Joanna Blake’s tumbler account, she renamed BANG Heat because the book was so hot. I think this is pretty true. The book is HOT! And it’s not porn hot, which makes it even more awesome. While the book is literotica and unapologetically so, there is a strong storyline and character development that it’s a satisfying read in more than just one way.

And although there is conflict in the novel, it isn’t silly drama. The misunderstandings and problems that happen are discussed and then the characters move on. I didn’t think it was possible to make a porn star the hero of a romance novel, but I think Blake does a great job of it.

I only gave it 3.5 stars because while the storyline and characters were strong, they both could have been better developed. The conflicts in the novel are a little superficial and mundane, so they didn’t really add depth to the characters or emotional depth of the book. I enjoyed the story, but it won’t stay with me in the back of my mind like other novels. That being said, Blake is a strong writer. The dialogue flowed throughout the novel, as did the alternating viewpoints.

Bro’ and A Bad Boy for Summer are shorter books and they interlocked in that they are about two friends. Of the two, I enjoyed A Bad Boy for Summer more because it was sweeter. I enjoyed the hero and heroine more and it was a sweeter book overall. The main characters are both younger than BANG and Blake writes it that way. The characters seem a little silly, but that’s because I’m over 30 and not in college anymore. I enjoyed them just the same and was glad to read them.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $0.99)

Yes yes yes!! This book is a steal at $0.99. Also because it comes with two additional books, Bro’ and A Bad Boy for Summer, at least for a while. These are all standalone books with a happily ever after (not flings) but they do intersect so it’s nice to get them together. BONUS: it’s an Amazon Prime book, so it’s an even better deal if you are a subscriber.

Something else you might enjoy:

The best literotica I’ve ever read was Broken by Megan Hart. The characters are so compelling and the love is deep and divine. There is tons of explicit sex in it, but it’s psychologically compelling. To me it’s literotica at its very best.

2 thoughts on “Warning Hot, HOt, HOT

    • Broken prompted such great conversations between my husband and I as I was reading it. That’s how great of a book it is to me!


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