Wild About Vicki Lewis Thompson

Wild About You by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Paranormal Romance

The first book of the series was published in 2011 and since then there have been 6 additional books published continuing the overarching tension between werewolf packs and humans. I first read this book when it originally came out and remembered loving it. I re-read it in order to write a fresh book review, but also so I could read the newer books with a clearer memory of the older ones. Expect to see the other books in the series reviewed as I find time to read them.

P.S. Can I just mention how much I enjoy this book cover? I love the illustration. Hot naked men have their place on the cover of romance novels, but this cover is so unique. I love it.

A Werewolf in Manhattan

Overall Rating: 4 (sXe)

Book Cover to A Werewolf in ManhattanQuick & Dirty summary: Emma Gavin is a romance writer whose imagination is running away with her. In this case, it’s running her right into trouble with the powerful Wallace werewolf pack of New York. Aiden, heir apparent to the Wallace pack, is tasked with assessing whether or not Emma is a security threat. In the process of completing this task, Aiden discovers Emma is under threat by another werewolf forcing Aiden to stop at nothing to protect her. But with pack politics at play, a relationship between Aiden and Emma seems even more impossible than the existence of werewolves.

Because this was one of the first werewolf books I remember reading, I loved the idea that a writer could dream up a world were werewolves existed and then find out she actually lived in that world. It was fun to laugh at some of Emma’s thoughts that she wasn’t in one of her romance novels, a nice meta narrative that makes me wonder if perhaps I’m not living in my own HEA.

I enjoyed the lighthearted nature of the novel. Aiden and Emma are both good people who are trying to navigate a complicated situation, taking into account their loved ones feelings while also staying true to their own desires. There wasn’t any undue angst in the novel, nor was there any silly fighting or jealousy. A part of me was surprised at how quickly the primary conflict of the novel was solved in the end, but in the end I was satisfied.

One quote that I particularly liked was when Emma says, “There are plenty of fish in the sea. Or werewolves in the woods”; there is something so funny but wholesome in that turn of phrase that reading it made me happy, even though the context of the quote wasn’t a particularly fun. It was little things like that which made this book fun to read.

The other interesting part of the story line was the conflict between Emma’s interest in saving the planet and Aiden’s wealth and the luxury that it brings. That conflict isn’t completely resolved by the end of the novel, but there is an interesting argument made that the consumption of luxury goods allows a kind of craftsman ship in certain markets (like watch making) that would otherwise die out. It’s these kinds of larger philosophical issues that authors work out through their characters that help me to enjoy playful novels like this one.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $7.99)

Normally I’d cringe about this price. However, after using this format for reviews for a few weeks, I’ve noticed that this seems to be the standard price of a mainstream romance novel, regardless of genre (by mainstream I mean the publisher is a large company, in this case Penguin). Considering that, I’d say yes, this is worth buying. It’s well written. It’s a great book. And it’s a great series. You are getting 330 pages of well-written goodness with all of the refining and development that a larger publishing company can offer.

Something else you might enjoy:

The Naked Werewolf series by Molly Harper is a similar paranormal series in that it’s about werewolves and it’s lighthearted. A lot of the shifter books these days are intensely sexual (nothing wrong with that!) and/or darkly serious and intense. The Harper books (there’s only three I think) are more along the lines of Wild About You.


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