Read Bride Run

See Bride Run! By Charlotte Hughes

Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 3 (xoxo)

Book Cover for See Bride Run!Quick & Dirty summary: Annie Hartford may be an heiress, but when she shows up in Pinckney’s main street, she is driving a stolen limo, in a designer wedding dress, wearing hundreds of thousands of dollars in diamonds and penniless. Sam Ballard is used to multi-tasking, but after being jilted at the alter Sam isn’t looking for a new bride. But when Sam’s star waitress manipulates things to get Annie a job at his diner, tempers flare. When Annie begins to take her life into her own hands, Sam must decide if he’s going to follow his instincts to protect his heart, or follow his heart by protecting Annie.

What I loved most was the sense of community in the novel. The small town setting made a nice contrast to the austere wealth Annie was raised in. It made a subtle argument that money can’t buy you happiness, but friends make even difficult times bearable.

I wasn’t as big a fan of the constant arguing between Sam and Annie. A certain amount of bickering is fine and can spice up a relationship, but it was over the top. Sam was constantly mad about something, and Annie wasn’t much better. I didn’t even understand half of the reasons why Annie reacted the way she did, so most of the novel I was kind of baffled by their behavior.

That being said, it was a quick read that made me feel warm and cozy in the end, even if the conclusion of the novel was wrapped up a little too nicely with a bow. The epilogue went a long way to help me overlook my annoyance with Annie and Sam; it was just so cute.

Is it worth buying? (Kindle $2.99)

For 211 pages at $2.99, I probably wouldn’t buy it. But, it is free on Amazon Prime, which is the perfect price for me. Who doesn’t like free? For those who don’t have Amazon Prime, if you want a sweet romance with not a lot of sex in it (actually I wouldn’t even call them sex scenes because of the copious use of euphemisms) then this is probably the book for you.


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