My Charge to Authors: Synching Romance Novels with Reality

I know there are some men who read this blog, so I will put it out there right away that I’m going to be talking about panties. “Undergarments” is perhaps the most gentile way of putting it, but I do mean panties. So stop reading now if you absolutely do not care about panties.

In my time reading romance novels I’ve noticed that a lot of female characters put stock in sexy underwear. I’ve never been one of those women, which is probably why I’m not a character in a romance novel (at least as far as I know). But I get it. I can totally understand why wearing sexy underwear would make you feel sexy. I hope for women who wear them it makes them feel strong, desirable, and beautiful, in whatever way that works for them.

For me, wearing sexy underwear makes me feel awkward, gauche, and just plain uncomfortable. I mean, it’s scratchy stuff. And my midwife told me that you really need to wear cotton in order to avoid yeast infections, and I avoid those like the plague. So I’ve never bought sexy underwear the likes of a romance heroine, and honestly, I’ve felt a little bad about that.

However, recently I went on a quest to find some new panties. Most of mine wore out and so I specifically wanted some underwear that were comfortable, attractive looking, and cost-effective, meaning they didn’t have to be cheap, but they did have to last a while. So, like any other young person, I did a google search. The results of my google search shocked the panties off me!

According to at least three blogs, boycut are the most comfortable panties for women, especially if you’re a woman who wants to avoid a wedgie. No romance novel that I’ve ever read has EVER described a woman in a pair of sexy boycut panties. But I don’t live my life by what I learn in romance novels, so, when I found a line of boycut panties that were made of silk but lined with cotton at the crotch, thus obeying my midwife’s orders and getting a soft, sexy look, I bought a bunch of them. I was a little skeptical because I had bought a few boycut panties from Victoria’s Secret and they were the worst at giving me wedgies. Imagine my surprise when I tried these on and they were absolutely the MOST comfortable panties I have ever worn. The whole day I went without messing with my underwear once. It was revolutionary.

The glitch is that when I showed my husband pictures of these undies on the web, he wasn’t impressed. My husband happens to like my butt, so I knew this was going to be the clincher. So I was kind of ignoring my husband’s reaction buying these babies. I mean, in all honesty I don’t wear underwear for my husband, so it really didn’t matter. But, it was icing on the cake that when my husband saw me wearing these MOST comfortable panties EVER, he liked them. I’m not exactly sure if he liked them because it turned out they were sexy underwear, or if it is because he likes my butt, no matter when its covered in. But in the end that doesn’t matter either because I love these new panties and I love my husband, so I’m considering this a win-win situation.

Now I just need romance authors to catch up on this little piece of information and write me a sexy heroine who wears boycut panties (and maybe is a little honest about how uncomfortable some of the shit can be).

8 thoughts on “My Charge to Authors: Synching Romance Novels with Reality

      • I saw those at Kohl’s yesterday, but they seemed kind of pricey. Maybe I’ll get them one of those days when I want to feel extra secretly sexy and cheer myself up.


      • I just like being wedgie free and I am willing to pay premium for that! But I got mine at an outlet store and they had a pretty good deal online but for my first but I wanted to feel the material and different styles. But it is a bit of a splurge. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself good. Isn’t that what we learn from romance novels? 😉

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