The Bad Bear is the Best

Gray Back Bears Series by T. S. Joyce

Paranormal Romance

Overall Series Rating: 3 (sXe)

Book Cover of Gray Back Broken BearThis series works together with the other bear series written by T. S. Joyce. In fact, I’ve already reviewed the Fire Bears Series on my blog, which you can find by clicking here. Instead of reviewing each book, I’ll just give you an overall sense of what I thought of the series as a whole then give you a quick summary of each book below. P.S. I picked this cover out of the four books because I think it’s the hottest. You can tell me if you disagree.

By far the first book is the best. The Gray Back Bad Bear is hilarious, mostly because of the cute heroine Willa. Matt and Willa’s banter is the best and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The other books are all fun to read, but they aren’t anything special. I also really liked Easton and Ava together, but because they are so incredibly sweet and the story moved along at a great pace. The thing I liked best about this series is that I got a better sense of the individual characters more in this series than the Fire Bear Series. The sex scenes are kind of hit or miss. Some are great, and some are bland. I am curious as to why Joyce decided to start her series with the second in command, but it was a smart move because it is such a funny book. It’s good to start the series strong and end the series strong as well.

T. S. Joyce continues the theme that shifters represent a subsection of the population that gets discriminated against, but at a smaller level that is much more accessible to most of us—being the outsider. All of the books in this series share the common theme that the two main characters are either outcasts or feel like outsiders.

A part of me wants to go back and read all of the other bear shifter books, but another part of me thinks there are better books to read and I shouldn’t bother. I hate to say that because it makes it sound like I wasted my time reading this series and I don’t think that at all. They are enjoyable! I certainly liked this series more than I did the previous one.

Are these books worth buying? (Kindle $0.99 each)

Considering they are only $0.99 I’d say yes. Especially if you are at loose ends and want an enjoyable book for the evening (they aren’t very long so they go by quickly). However, the nice thing is they are also Amazon Prime books, so if you’ve got Prime then you are all set.

Quick & Dirty Summaries

Gray Back Bad Bear (3.5)

When Willa bumps into Matt at a bar, after being duped into a werebear diddle hunt, she isn’t surprised that she doesn’t catch his eye. But after getting the “friend” chat, Willa is surprised that she and Matt get along so well. The nerdy, sassy human girl isn’t afraid of the big bad bear. But the question is the bear afraid this tiny girl is also his mate?

Gray Back Alpha Bear (3)

After Gia and Creed’s one nightstand, neither expected to see the other again. But when Gia shows up unexpectedly, Creed is surprised at how happy this makes him. He’s in for an even bigger shock when Gia comes to him for help after being shunned by her family and friends. As the two of them navigate life’s unexpected gifts, they find that their attraction didn’t end after one night.

Gray Back Ghost Bear (3)

Jason hides his insanity behind a veil of good humor, but when park ranger Georgia comes around and Jason realizes he has found his made, he also finds out that the ghost he sees isn’t a figment of his imagination. With a little help from his friends, Georgia and Jason must try to overcome his ghosts as well as fight an unknown opponent—lives are at stake.

Gray Back Broken Bear (3.5)

Easton is the most broken of the Gray Back Broken Bears, but the reasons why have remained a mystery to his crew. When a little black crow shows up, suddenly Easton’s volatility escalates until he meets Ava, a fragile petite woman. However, Ava has a secret, and when it’s revealed it may cost her the only true love of her life and send Easton over the edge.


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