The ‘Burg Review/Yearbook

The ‘Burg Series by Kristen Ashley

Contemporary Romance
Overall Rating: 4 (sXe)

Hold On, the last book in the ‘Burg Series, was released on Sept 01, 2015. This blog was updated to reflect the last book and give a review of the completed series.

As you are reading this blog post, I encourage you to listen to the Doobie Brothers “Long Train Running.” Ashley always sets her books to music, so I’m going to set my blog to this song.

The major theme of this series is high school love/first love. All of the major characters dated or had a crush on each other in high school, or were married to their first love. In At Peace there is a slight variation in that Vi and Joe both married their respective high school sweethearts. The books explore how these first loves shape the character’s lives as they grow up. Or, as my theme song says, “Without love, where would you be now?”

The final book in the ‘Burg Series, Hold On, is the story of Merry, Rocky’s brother, and Cher Rivers. As I guessed, this book turns the theme of first love on its head. That seems consistent with Kristen Ashley’s tendency to push us to think about things in new ways with her last book of the series (think Rock Chick Revolution), something I love about her writing. After all, Merry thinks he’s lost his chance at love when his ex-wife becomes engaged to another man. And Cher is no stranger to the love department either, and, in fact, she has been burned enough times to never hope for more. But they both realize the true love is worth holding onto—that it’s worth fighting for, even if it means holding on when the other person wants to let go. Again, I am amazed at how beautiful Ashley’s depictions of love are, and how utterly true the lessons.

This series was made for me. I mean besides the fact that I enjoyed it, Manny’s girlfriend/wife’s name is Sela is also my mom’s name, Dusty’s nickname being Angel is what my mom calls me, and Chrissy in The Promise is also my family nickname (only my mom calls me Angel). It’s like Kristen Ashley is psychically connected to me. Beyond that, I enjoyed the major theme of the novels. I can’t say this is my favorite series, but I would still recommend it to anyone. Like all Ashley books, this is jammed pack with action, intrigue, and drama. Some books are a little heavier on the love scenes than others, but the leading men are all hot, and the women are all courageous.

To celebrate that theme, I thought I’d create a list of sorts, the kind you’d find in a yearbook, of my top favorite characters.

Guy I’d most Like to Date/Marry: Mike, Games of the Heart

Guy I’d most Like to F*ck: Joe, At Peace and/or sweet mother in heaven Merry!, Hold On

Girl I’d like as my BFF: Rocky (common, she’s an English teacher!), Golden Trail also Vi, At Peace

Girl I’d most Like to Borrow Clothes From: Frankie, The Promise

Book I’m Most Likely To Read Again: Golden Trail Who wouldn’t? Layne freakin’ jumps on a moving car and shoots at the driver through the windshield! Awesome!!

Book Most Likely To Make Me Cry (cause it did!): At Peace

Book that I will NEVER FORGET: For You What happened between Colt and Feb in high school still gives me the hibeejibees (not the good kind). I may never let my kids go to a high school party… never ever.

Books in the Series:

For You

At Peace

Golden Trail

Games of the Heart

The Promise

Hold On

You might be interested to know that Reece’s character in For You has his own book in the Colorado Mountain Series, Jagged. Also, Nightingale Investigations gets a cameo in The Promise, so if you’d like to find out what happens with Luke Stark (Rock Chick Revenge), you can a good idea from the ‘Burg’s book 5.

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