Bound to read the Elder Races Series

Elder Races by Thea Harrison

Paranormal Romance

Dragon Bound (Book 1)

Rating: 4 (sXe)

Quick & Dirty summary:

Pia Giovanni was taught from an early age to hide who and what she is. As half-human, half-wyr Pia managed to keep to herself until loneliness caused her to trust the wrong person. After being blackmailed into stealing from one of the oldest creatures of all time, Pia will never be able to stay live under the radar again. Dragos has lived for centuries protecting his horde. When Pia manages to steal from him, he flies into a rage. But Pia’s appearance in his life marks the beginning of a change within Dragos, causing him to do and feel things he’s never experienced before.

What I loved most about this first novel was the vivid world Harrison immerses the reader in. Unlike a lot of shifter novels that are simply a cover for sex (don’t get me wrong, I like those kind of books too), this book spent just as much time exploring the edges of the wyr realm and the human-wyr interactions. Here’s an example: “He recalled a sensation of endless flight, an eternal basking in light and magic so piercing and young and pure it rang like the trumpeting of thousands of angels.” Sometimes this kind of backstory can be boring. But Harrison makes it interesting through her lyrical language and unexpected imagination.

While I occasionally found Pia’s temperament bizzare—she couldn’t seem to make up her mind whether she trusted Dragos even while having crazy sex with him—it was sort of explained as protective charms her mother cast over her. It wasn’t very believable for me, but that’s not a great criticism when talking about paranormal romance. Shrug

Would I recommend it to my BFF?

While I wouldn’t recommend this book to my best friend (someone who doesn’t normally read romance novels), I would recommend it to anyone who loves paranormal romance novels. I am also looking forward to the next novel Storm’s Heart.

Something else you might enjoy:

This novel reminded me of the first book in Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter’s series, Angel’s Blood. This is another series that I haven’t reviewed on the blog, but I love this series. I am looking forward to the new release on September 01. This series is also 8 books long, and they are so, so good! I highly recommend.


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