A Woman in a Man’s World

Review of the Dream Man Series by Kristen Ashley

Overall Series Rating: 4 (sXe)

The Rock Chick Rendezvous was amazing. I will post an update on my time spent with Kristen Ashley and the other rock chicks later this week after I’ve made the long drive home. In the meantime, enjoy this review of the last book in the Dream Man Series.

Motorcycle Man (3.5)

The final installment of the Dream Man Series follows Kane “Tack” Allen as he finds his dream woman in Tyra “Red” Masters. Tyra knows from the moment she meets Tack that he is her dream man, the man who she wouldn’t settle for less. But the same is not necessarily true for Tack. Despite that Tyra is determined to make it work as she begins her job as the new office manager of Ride, the custom car and motorcycle shop the Chaos Motorcycle Club owns. When stuff goes bad for Tyra’s best friend Lanie and her fiancée, Tyra gets caught in the whirlwind.

There is a lot to love about this novel, but it was hard to take. It’s hard to take in general because Chaos is a man’s world. That sucks for Tyra and as a woman reading the book. It’s also hard to take because throughout the series we’ve seen the sweet side of Tack. From the beginning of this book that side is hidden. All we get from Tack is jerk, which hurts because it hurts Tyra knowing how much she already loves Tack. Despite all that, Ashley balances the negative aspects of Chaos and Tack with loyalty, love and protection.

The overarching theme of the novel is living life to the hilt. Whether that is seeing the world bright with color or by riding the roller coaster ride of life with your hands up in the air enjoying the thrill, the lesson is to take advantage of every second.

But it is also about redemption and reward. Tyra’s dad tells her: “I figure the path to redemption is thorny but I’m guessing that man will make it through mostly because he’s got a strong woman at his side.” This lesson doesn’t quite resonant with me largely because it wasn’t as well developed as some of the themes from other books. But it helps to make palatable some of the other aspects of the book that are harder to swallow.
This book is kind of like Mystery Man where it was hard to like Tack. But unlike Gwen, I loved Tyra. I am all about not settling and living the dream. She lays it out that she wants kids and that’s awesome if that’s a part of her dream. So this one is a 50/50 split for me. It kicks off the Chaos series so it has the added benefit of heralding more stories. The good thing is that will help to explain the world of Chaos a little more but the bad thing is it means more heartache and pain.

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