My Dream Man

The Dream Man Series by Kristen Ashley

Overall Series Rating: 4 (sXe)

I’ve already reviewed two series by Kristen Ashley. This third I’m doing in honor of the Rock Chick Rendezvous happening this weekend (August 27-29) in Denver. It’s my first time fangirling and I am so excited. So I’ve been tweeting like crazy, re-reading Kristen Ashley books that are set in Colorado and enjoying myself immensely. I hope you enjoy yourself too, whenever you read these books and for whatever the occasion.

Who is your Dream Man?

For me, it’s definitely Mitch Lawson. I love a man who is willing to wait for a good thing. I also love a man who can fix a plumbing problem. Check out my 5 star review of Law Man, book 3 in the Dream Man series. I’d love to hear who your dream man is.

Law Man (5)

Mitch Lawson is the super sweet, super suave police detective that is as hometown as they come. While he didn’t grow up in Denver he is a decorated police detective and a catch. In Mara’s world, that makes Mitch Lawson a 10.5, well out of her league at 2.5. The twist is that Mara’s ranking isn’t based only on appearance, but rather on respectability and character. Mara knows Mitch is a stand-up guy, as evidenced when he helps her out when her faucet is leaking. But what Mara doesn’t know is that Mitch has been waiting for shy, unassuming Mara to look at him long enough for him to have a shot at asking her on a date. When Mara’s family problems begin to consume her, Mitch steps in to help and in the meantime forces her to realize that people are people and her scale is messed up.

What I loved about this book was Mitch. I mean he is my dream man. Straight with people, kind, considerate, he is my ideal, mostly because he isn’t afraid of commitment and family. “Fuck, Mara, I love you” Mitch says. If my husband said it like that, straight up, a few months into dating, I would have been a goner. There is something super sexy about how straight Mitch is about his interest, and later love, for Mara.

And then, the ultra best part of the novel was the epilogue. Man, Ashley gets me every time with the epilogue but this one takes the cake. I cried. The last line was a shot to my heart. If nothing else, you have to read this book for the epilogue. It’s beautiful.

Come back tomorrow for my review of Motorcycle Man, the last book in the Dream Man Series.


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