It’s not the Man who is a Mystery, it is the Woman

The Dream Man Series by Kristen Ashley

Overall Series Rating: 4 (sXe)

I’ve already reviewed two series by Kristen Ashley. This third I’m doing in honor of the Rock Chick Rendezvous happening this weekend (August 27-29) in Denver. It’s my first time fangirling and I am so excited. So I’ve been tweeting like crazy, re-reading Kristen Ashley books that are set in Colorado and enjoying myself immensely. I hope you enjoy yourself too, whenever you read these books and for whatever the occasion.

Mystery Man (3)

Gwendolyn Kidd has been living a dream the last year and a half. A mystery man visits her in the dead of the night to give her fantastic orgasms and have off the charts sex with her. Seriously, in the year and a half he’s been visiting her at night, Gwen doesn’t know his name, his age, his occupation, nothing. He is the quintessential mystery man. When Gwen’s no-good sister gets into trouble, Gwen finds herself face-to-face with a trio of hot guys, one of whom is her not-quite-so-mysterious-mystery man Cabe “Hawk” Delgado. The other men in the novel introduce the rest of the main men in the series, which is awesome. It turns out that Gwen’s mystery man is a type of 007 Man of Mystery in that he is a badass commando who can help her, her sister, and the rest of her family avoid being used in a drug dealers payback.

This wasn’t my favorite book in the series and part of that is because Gwen and Hawk are such difficult to like characters, for me. However, let me preface my next remarks by saying, this is AWESOME. If every character Kristen Ashley wrote was someone I liked then her books would be boring. They’d essentially all be the same character with the same morals and the same decision making process and after reading one book I’d have read them all. Ashley does not do this. Gwen is a completely different heroine than most of the other women she writes about. Yes, she likes shoes, shopping and fashion. But she is not the badass woman who is going to go charging headlong into a bad situation. Nope, Gwen is a book editor who is much happier letting badass men handle the danger. And Hawk is the ultra-alpha badass hero to the point that if I met him in real life, I’d probably hate him. I’m a feminist for goodness sakes and he is… well… not. But, he has his own moral code, not ALL of the rumors about him are true, and he protects those he loves because of his own scarred past. So I, like Gwen, must learn to deal with Hawk being Hawk because Hawk is Hawk due to his crazy sad past–a past I don’t know about until it’s revealed to Gwen more than halfway through the book. And like Gwen, I must struggle with how I acclimate the knowledge to who I think Hawk is.

Am I treating these characters like real people? Yes. Does that automatically mean the book is good? No. Which is why it has a rating of 3 for me. And that’s because there are some things that make me uncomfortable about the book to the point where it was the book I was least excited to read again out of the series. Gwen’s back and forth crazy behavior with Hawk was annoying. Hawk just is annoying to me. And I dislike love triangles. That being said, it was still a fun read. I enjoyed myself in between being annoyed, and I thought Ashley achieved a lot as an author in this book. She wrote unique characters. She introduced a new series in a way that made me want to read all of the other books. And, she gave me hope that sometimes love at first sight really does work out. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Check back here tomorrow for my review of book 2 in the Dream Man Series, Wild Man.


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