The Inexplicable Billionaire Game

The Billionaire Game by Lila Monroe

Overall Rating: 2.5 (sXe)

For some reason I was pretty excited to read this series. Technically it’s a series because there are three books. But it’s more a serial than a series because these are not stand alone novels. You must read The Billionaire Game 1 in order to read The Billionaire Game 2 or 3. Kate is an aspiring lingerie designer who is suddenly fired from her day job. Her best friend’s fiancé happens to be a billionaire who is best friends with Asher Young, another billionaire who has a magic touch getting new businesses off the ground. Asher is happy to back Kate in opening her own business, primarily because he has dressed not one, but three of his “girlfriends” in her designs. Knowing business and pleasure do not mix, Kate tries to remember Asher is a playboy jerk, but glimpses of his cute dorkiness keep getting in the way, not to mention his hot body. Essentially this same drama plays out over the three novels. Since each book is approximately 90 pages, reading all three is essentially reading one full-length romance novel.

My primary issue with these books is the bizarre nature of the characters, particularly Asher. He seems pretty awesome most of the time, but he randomly turns into a jerk without any explanation as to why within the novel. His philosophy of using any tool at his disposal to get what he wants is very off-putting for me, since he winds up flirting with women right in front of Kate. He admits he is trying to make her jealous, but if it hadn’t work in the first 200 pages, perhaps a different tactic is necessary. The end is sudden and out of character also. Kate holds her grudge for such a long time (or at least it felt like that to me) and suddenly she decides she’s over it and they live happily ever after.

This wouldn’t necessarily be such a big deal if the two primary conflicts in the novel weren’t so predictable. The whole, I am attracted to my boss/investor/friend of a friend thing is very commonplace in romance novels. That doesn’t really bother me, except when it is combined with the final conflict, which I won’t say because I don’t want to spoil the novel if you’d still like to read it. Hint: the title of the novel gives an indication of what goes on. And to some extent, this final problem is supposed to explain some of Asher’s bizarre behavior. But it doesn’t really—at least not on any level that satisfies me, giving me insight into his character.

There were some fun things about these novels. There were a few funny moments, which made the read enjoyable. Kate’s goal of having every woman who buys her lingerie feel beautiful and powerful is an awesome one. And there were definitely some sexy parts. It was a quick and easy read, making it a good summer novel. It is just that the characters weren’t as well developed as a truly terrific romance novel.


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