Who Can Afford to Read?

Has anyone checked the price of ebooks lately? Or print books for that matter? It is expensive to read these days. I have a hard time paying $8 for an ebook. I’m sorry! It’s an electronic file! But between ebooks and print books being about $6 per book, it’s expensive to read more than a book a month. Especially if you read a lot like I do. Like most people, I also live on a budget.

I grew up going to the library and I take my kids to the library now days too. They are great places and my kids love to play and meet other kids there. I haven’t actually checked out a library book outside of research for my masters thesis, but I love libraries. What I love the most is that libraries have moved into the 21st century by allowing people to borrow ebooks. So that’s primarily what I do–I check out library books online from the comfort of my home. It’s like ordering Amazon kindle books, but for free. The other nice thing about ebooks are the various subscription services also available. Like oyster or amazon unlimited, they are Netflix for books. Lucky for me, I received an amazon unlimited subscription for my birthday. So I read most of my books either via the library or through amazon unlimited for free.

I enjoy ebooks, especially since I have kids. Being able to hold a book in one hand has been a life saver. But one thing I dislike about ebooks is the quality of editing, or lack of editing I should say. I have heard that most publishing companies are having authors do their own editing these days and that really stinks. Authors have a lot of other things to worry about, editing shouldn’t have to be one of them. On the other hand, ebooks have allowed more authors to be published and self-published. That has led to finding a lot of great authors like Kristen Ashley. But it has also led to reading some terrible writing. In fact, it wasn’t until I began reading ebooks that I changed my moto of finishing every book I start to my current moto that I can’t waste my time on bad writing.

Once my kids are older though, I think I’m going to go back to reading print books. I like turning pages. And I like knowing the pacing of the novel (seeing how far into a book I am). But I read enough that I think I will continue reading ebooks, I’ll just supplement with print books as well. Plus, it never hurts to buy old paperbacks from the library for a $1–cheaper even than most ebooks.


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